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We think that: I was so ******* pissed last night when I got word that Toonami was cancelled."Stay gold. Bang".....Tom's last words......CN is pretty much dead to me now. There is absolutly no reason to watch it anymore. It's pretty much CN's fault why Toonami was cancelled. Poor line-up, shrinking time blocks, 1 anime. I really wanted to cry last night becasue Toonami was the reason why I got interested into anime. Without DBZ, I would've probably hated any manga or anime.How can you just throw away 11.5 years like that?! The only reason to watch CN now is Adult Swim. Call me old-fashoin, but all these new cartoons on CN now......well not even kids will watch that ****. I would know, I have two little brothers. I guess CN was trying to be "child friendly", but that's what we have Nick and Disney for. They're missing all the good cartoons that 4kidz got their hands on. C'mon now-My Gym Partner's a Monkey (FLOP)-Squirrel Boy (FLOP)-Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends (FLOP)-George of The Jungle (Flop before it even started)-Secret Saturdays (Potential Flop)I could name more but I don't want to get into that. CN has made THE dumbest move in their entire Broadcast lifetime. The only reason why Toonami was hanging from a thread is because Naruto was it's current DBZ. Now we have to rely on Adult Swim. Actually, Adult Swim needs to get their mind straight, pull in a lot more shows, and leave CN and get their own channel. They would make a lot more money that way. Let's be real, Adult Swim should leave CN and watch it burn and die.-They ****** up when they took it from the daily time block and gave us Miguzi.-They ****** up when they gave us that gay *** Tom.-They ****** up when they cut back the anime shows it used to have.-They ****** up when they started shrinking the time block.-THEY ****** UP WHEN THEY GAVE US BAKUGAN!!!!!!R.I.P Toonami. R.I.P Cartoon Network. R.I.P Tom.....Adult Swim, come to your senses! You make CN. If you stay, you will lose money!CARTOON NETWORK IS OFFICIALLY DEAD!!!!!!

Having managed multiple golf properties, I definately understand why Disney made this move. They picked an incredible management company to partner with and I look forward to seeing the results.

If you dont find the Disney item you want you can select a full line Disney Store below. We even have LasVegas Travel Guides if your trip is near Las Vegas.

Popular questions - Who Is Really In The Sweaty Oversized Suit at Walt Disney World?
Here is the answer: Okay so do you ever wonder who is really in that huge oversized costume at Disney World? I heard Minnie Mouse was once played by some old man...So does anyone know who plays the characters at Disney World?? And I bet It's a hard job staying in some hot costume all day in that hot weather!

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Brilliant innovative animation, creative storytelling and compelling characters all combine to make this perhaps the most exciting movie event of the year. Take and look and see just why Disney Pixar Up movie is a must see for all the family.

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