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And so it does not take much work for Disney to scoop up reality, such as it is. Spectacular Inc., as Guy Debord would say. But we are no longer in a society of spectacle, which itself has become a spectacular concept. It is no longer the contagion of spectacle that alters reality, but rather the contagion of virtuality that erases the spectacle. Disneyland still belonged to the order of the spectacle and of folklore, with its effects of entertainment distraction and distanciation distance. Disney World and its tentacular extension is a generalized metastasis, a cloning of the world and of our mental universe, not in the imaginary but in a viral and virtual mode. We are no longer alienated and passive spectators but interactive extras figurants interactifs ; we are the meek lyophilized members of this huge reality show. It is no longer a spectacular logic of alienation but a spectral logic of disincarnation; no longer a fantastic logic of diversion, but a corpuscular logic of transfusion and transubstantiation of all our cells; an enterprise of radical deterrence of the world from the inside and no longer from outside, similar to the quasi-nostalgic universe of capitalistic reality today. Being an extra figurant in virtual reality is no longer being an actor or a spectator. It is to be out of the scene hors-scene, to be obscene.

We see footage of the 1960 Winter Olympics in Squaw Valley the first Games to be broadcast live, whose pageantry aspects Disney was invited to produce. A long montage of Disneyland Christmas Day parades features both Its a Small World internationalism and some unhappily dragged-along exotic animals. Walts frequent, genial presence in the telecast sequences remind how high-profile a figure he once cut in American culture - - not just as a brand, but as a fatherly public personality.

People often ask - What is your favorite song from a disney movie?
The answer is: Colors of the wind by pochahantas, Reflection and I'll make a man out of you from Mulan and Any song from the Lion King :) LoL i <3 disney classics!

Just the other day, she asked when we could go to Disney again. I asked if she wanted to rides some rides. Her answer: Not too much. I asked if she wanted to go to the pool. This elicited a very enthusiastic positive response. By age 9, I m hoping the rides are at least on par with the hotel pool.

No questions are weird!! The Aviation Authority contracted with Mr. Jack Wagner internationally renown to be the official voice of Disney to provide the greetings aboard our people-mover systems. We chose Mr. Wagner because of his reputation in being a voice of hospitality and friendliness. The recordings for the original side of the airport gates 1-59 were done prior to opening the new terminal in 1981. The expansion greetings gates 60-99 were recorded in 1988. We can not provide you a direct copy of these tapes.

Many people are interested - Naruto Poll {[#7]} :3;Ugh.21 days until this Poll Creator has to go back to school.Not that I HATE school or anything.....I just PREFER waking up at noon and spending my days on Y!A.How 'bout you guys?What grade are you in?When are you going back?Are you looking forward to it?Any soon-to-be-seniors? Like me?Ah....10 1/2 months till graduation.Glorious, isn't it?Anyways.Here are some more NaruQ's for you!1.Based on THEIR personality and the type of music you think they would listen to, if you were looking for new songs, who would you ask to make you a mix cd?2.You're going on a mission.You're gonna be gone for a few days and your parents Disneyland?. Yeah, Disneyland. (They didn't bring you with them cause you're a BAD little ninja. >:[ )Anyways....Your cat, King Fluffy Munchkin the 3rd, has to be taken care of while your gone. Your obvious choice would be anyone from the Inuzuka clan, but you hate them. >: ]Who do you trust enough to take care of your dear kitty?3.Who's cooler?The Akatsuki?orThe Sannin?4.Rainy day :[Are you:A-Playing Shougi with Shikamaru (and losing......losing horribly........)B-Sitting with Lee in his Dojo, talking about how great Gai is.C-Helping Ino colour-coordinate her wardrobe.D-Watching Tv, eating chips with Chouji.E-Having a spa-day with Tenten.5.You're having your NaruCrush :3 over for dinner.Who is it and what do you make?6.Associate a character to each the following countries:-Canada-Italy-Australia-Germany-France(and why?)7.You decide to become a better person by performing an act of random kindness for someone everyday.What is your first act?A-.Promise to drive Kabuto home after he has Laser-Vision correction.B-.Build a sandbox for GaaraC-Take matters into your own hands and finally do something about Gaii & Lee's eyebrows. (Personally, I like them. But, to each their own, I suppose :3)D-Do the village a favour and tape Ino's mouth shut.8.Who is the one person who's bad side you would NOT want to be on and why?9.Who, in your humble opinion, is the most OVERRATED character on the show?10. Who, again in your humble opinion, is the most UNDERRATED character on the show?*Sai* Haha...Get it? Sai=Sigh.I just thought of that.Wow.What a sad little NaruLife I lead.:3Have a good one, kind folk!=]x--IsabelleTheNarutoNerd

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