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Need a family or group costume theme for Halloween? How about each person in the group dressing up as their favorite Disney character. There s a Mickey Mouse Costume for toddlers and babies, Minnie Mouse, Goofy, Tigger, Pooh, Tinkerbell, Peter Pan, and all of those other favorites. You could design a whole Halloween party around Disney characters. Such a fun idea!

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Here is the answer: Okay, so i haven't done a lot of things most people have done. I haven't:1. had a peach before2. had a plum before3. had an apricot before4. been to an amusement park5. been to sea world6. been to disneylandbut i have other things and have done other things most of my friends haven't. I have:1. been to NYC at Christmastime2. have a laptop, iPod touch, and cell phone3. been to so you think you can dance and got to meet everyone on the show4. i am going to see taylor swift in concert this septemberso is that weird?

William Poundstone quotes some ridiculous passages from Anthony Haden-Guests The Paradise Program to try to establish Disneys preoccupation with death, detailing a gruesome seven-minute Mickey Mouse cartoon made in 1933 in which a mad scientist tries to cut off Plutos head and put in on a chicken. The cartoon in question is The Mad Doctor, which was nothing more than humorous spoof of 1930s horror films. Even in the cartoon itself the horrific events are not portrayed as real: the whole episode turns out to be nothing more than a nightmare of Mickeys. Although Poundstone wrote that the film was pulled from the Rank film library in 1970, it has been readily available in the Mickey Mouse: The Black and White Years laserdisc set since 1994.

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