City of characters from the wonderful animated Walt. : Hotel elysee disneyland, Walt disney castle hotel.

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Questions for new users : Grad night disney land L.A 2011 questions!?
We think that: i am a senior going to grad night in june in disneyland in LA. i was wonder if anyone could tell me from their expiriences how it was? like, was it super fun or boring? is there a tone off people? are the lines to ride rides even longer? can you bring a purse? can you bring water, makeup, cell phones, ipods, hand sanitizer, jackets, food? do they have lockers to put your things in and if so, are they safe or easy to break into? do people sneak drugs and alcohol in and use them? if so, is it alot of people who do that cuz i dont want to be running into anyone high or drunk. how should i dress? where do the chaperones go? how much does the food and drinks cost? and when does it end?

The Park welcomes its first-ever birth at The Happiest Place on Earth on a busy day near Main Street Mickey Mouse later presents little Teresa with Disneyland Birth Certificate No. 1 recognizing the unprecedented event.

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