City of characters from the wonderful animated Walt. : Hotels in near disneyland, Disney land employment.

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Should you stay in a Disneyland hotel? What is the difference between staying at a Disneyland hotel and a regular hotel? What Disneyland ticket is right for you? If you plan on making more than one trip in a year should you get a Disneyland annual pass?

Frequently asked questions - Was walt disney really who he came across as?
The answer- well, i recently read that apparently walt disney was a nazi, apparently he supported hitler. i also read that he was a racist and one film or something showed all're probably thinking well what did he come across as? to me he's always been an inspiration to me and i've loved his films, i love disney. i felt disappointed when i read these, that maybe he wasn't the sort of person he came across as?are these true? *ps: this isn't meant to sound/come across as mean/rude etc at all, i'm just curious :)

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No longer available in North America, this historic DVD set remains among the treasures in the Walt Disney catalog. Read more

However, when you do get to experience a Disney Cruise Line vacation, youre heading out on a voyage unlike any other. No matter what your style of vacation or if youre a child or simply a kid at heart, youll find what youre looking for onboard the Disney Cruise ships.

Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique - For all those little girls dreaming of being a Disney Princess, this latest addition to the World of Disney is the perfect fit. More of a salon than a store, there are 10 salon stations where girls can get their hair, nails and makeup done. A second Boutique is located at Cinderellas Castle in the Magic Kingdom. Reservations are strongly recommended. The number to call is: 407-WDW-STYLE.

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