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But the Navy may have the argument that they are, you know, actually the SEALs, that they were using it first to identify themselves and any use by Disney would create consumer confusion about sponsorship, he said. And if they actually took Disney to court they could win.

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The answer is: My name is Klara Orsolya Eme Bassey. I was born in Budapest in 1983 February 2nd. So now I'm 24. After High School, I tried a University (Eotvos Lorand Tudomany Egyetem) but I left before the first exams. It turned out quite early that I've got nothing to do with teacher's classess neither the library sciences. After a year of thinking, being confused, and having a serious nervous break down, I went to School of Design. Decoration, Interior and Outer shop design (visual merchandising) became my trade. This course only gave me mid-level certification.During this two years I studied in Pannonia Animation film studio. I learned how to make animated cartoons manually and some animated film history. After Design school, I still didn't feel talented enough to go to the University of Applied Arts so I started another two-year course, but didn't finish. Actually I didn't know what to do with myself. Finally, one of my best friends found me a job where I work as a decorator. Funny, isn't it?During school years I used to be a dancer at Tunde Komolafe's group—the Bongo Men. I also did some hostess as well as waitress jobs, which I disliked later. My main job is decoration. With the B.O Decoration Corporation we are working for the Pafumeria Douglas. I have been doing this for almost two years, and in spite of my interest in textile designing, I couldn’t make up my mind what to do with my talent. Though I consider my talent in drawing and fashion designing as hobbies, I would like to make it bigger.On the other hand, I really want to be a mother soon. But this does not depend on me alone. Anyway, I think it's quite clear that I do not know where I am going in general. So I don't want to act as if I knew something special about life. I could describe only one thing as my practical ambition: I'd like to do my best at whatever I do. In an abstract meaning, my ambition is to give fashion a new base. I would like people to see beauty in a compact way. I have had enough of men with perfect bodies, and girls with ill-looking slim frames! Let beauty be more than that.The other thing I'd like to change is the picture people have about eroticism. It's ugly and flat to advertise everything with naked women. Sex is something discreet- should stay between two people. If we consider the truth that eroticism has a wider meaning than sex, then we could exchange nakedness with mystery, which I think could give more than the 'pure facts' of a body! I would design not only clothes but styles and general effect of pictures. After making my own trade mark, building up a style empire, then I could find that utopistic colony where homeless people would find a new home- a new chance to recover like getting new trades, jobs, and a new life entirely.Do you feel African or European? Please be honestIt's a good question but the answer won't be that simple. I am an African European. As a child I was brought up to be a Hungarian girl, though I wasn't really. I know about my Nigerian root. I know my father’s home town. Yet I've always felt myself European, and it's how I think because of the kind of education I received. The history of arts and the history I studied so hard—all determined my person as European. But the most important subject (from this point of view) was the literature. How could I tell anyone what language means to me, though I am the visual type. If I summarise what I've told you so far, then it even changes the question. I don’t even feel European because I'm Hungarian.The word "Afro-Hungarian" means nothing for me, as it's just an expression. At the moment it doesn't cover any homogeneous communities. We're just finding our cultural and social base. It's very exciting on one hand, but brings a lot of responsibilities and problems. We (the 1st and 2nd generations of Afro-Hungarian) should not act as many of us do now. I have experienced snobbishness and prissiness that I could not identify myself with. Of course many white Hungarians behave likewise, but I see this type of behaviour more in Afro-Hungarians. We should be much more careful because it's obvious that the minorities are always under heavy criticism.Well, I know why it is so. I mean it's hard to be African Hungarian here without own culture. We have no clear root or past to guide us through the challenges of life. Many do not even know their fathers. That's why they use their exotic look as a weapon and act like a conqueror, criticizing anything Hungarian and glorifying everything African. I'm not saying this in order to hurt anybody's feelings. And of course I might be wrong. Anyway, I'm sure things would be better in a few years. In our life many changes come. Hungarian borders have opened up a bit, and that gives new opportunities and widens people's horizons.Would you have preferred your parents to be from the same race?It is out of question. Of course had they been from the same race, I wouldn't have become who I am

Frequently asked questions - Ranking the Disney-Pixar movies?
We think that: so this is something that I'm sure not many people think over b/c each Disney-Pixar film brings its own unique story and characters to the table. but, here are in my opinion are the how the Disney-Pixar movies are ranked, from worst to best (tho, to say worst is not right)11. WALL-E: i never really understood why this film was so critically acclaimed. Sure, it's good and all but WALL-E just doesn't bring the entertainment to me as much as the other films.10. Ratatouille: though a very well developed story, the humor is somewhat lacking in this film. Yes, it does have its parts, but the French accents tend to get in the way of an otherwise excellent movie9. A Bug's Life: Even though I remember this movie as a part of my childhood, I never really loved this as much as the original Disney-Pixar movie Toy Story. Still, A Bug's Life is one of the more humorous Disney-Pixar movie, but the plot is somewhat lacking when compared to the others.8. Up: this movie is absolutely great, I love the addition of Dug and the little boy in the movie to counteract Carl's initial grumpiness. But, I have a phobia of large, colorful birds which is why this film isn't higher than 8 on my list.7. Finding Nemo: I really do like this movie, but I just simply couldn't fit it anywhere above this spot6. Cars: An absolutely hilarious and heart warming film. Larry the Cable Guy creates one of the greatest Disney-Pixar character in the dim-witted but extremely caring Mater.5. Toy Story 2: I really wish I could have put this movie higher, but I simply couldn't. Though funnier than the 1st movie, it seemed too similar to its predecessor to put higher than #5. Still one of my favorite movies.4. The Incredibles: The only thing that keeps this movie from not being #1 in my mind is the villain Syndrome. Everything else about this film is absolutely wonderful and flawless.3. Toy Story: I'll probably get a lot of criticism for not putting this at #1 or #2, but I had to. It was the first movie i remember from my childhood and it will always be an important movie to me. But the 2 films above this are simply better in my mind2. Monsters Inc: an absolute homerun for Disney-Pixar in my mind. Mike and Sully play so well off of each other and both are hilarious. The incorporation of the hidden villain in Waternoose is also very well done, an absolute masterpiece in my opinion.1. Toy Story 3: In my opinion the best Disney-Pixar film. This story is so unique and the addition of so many new characters really makes this film stand out. The tear jerking moments when the toys almost die as well as when Andy leaves Woody behind forever are so moving. No Disney-Pixar movie is able to balance the humor and sadness that Toy Story 3 doesSo, what's your list and why?

People often ask - What's your favorite *Old* Disney movie?
The answer is: Star if you liked the Alice in Wonderland Movie, like me. :)

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