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Many people ask : How well do you know the Disney Channel? (part 2)?
The answer is- I posted a quiz on Disney Channel before, now it's harder questions, and only those who truly know the Disney Channel can answer these questions correctly.Whoever can answer these questions correctly receives a prize of 10 points.1.) Disney Channel was put on the air on what date?2.) Alex Russo's full name is?3.) Andrew "Andy" Lawrence has done 3 Disney Channel movies, name all three in chronological order.4.) The Suite Life of Zack and Cody's Esteban's full name is?5.) In Disney's "The House of Mouse" Daisy Duck told everyone which song she finds to be "the most romantic song I've ever heard". What song is that?6.) In the "Hannah Montana" episode, "I Am Hannah, Hear Me Croak" Jackson's superstar name was what?True/False:7.) In "Camp Rock" Demi Lovato's favorite song to work on was "This Is Me."8.) Maria Canals-Barrera played both "Sunset Boulevardez" and "Theresa Russo."9.) In Disney's "Beauty and the Beast" Liz Callaway played "Belle."Bonus Question:I will post some lines from a short scene from "Aladdin", and you fill in the blanks."Jafar: Patience, Iago. Patience. Gazim was obviously less than worthy.Iago: ________________________________________Jafar: Yes....'Only one may enter'. I must find this, 'one', this 'diamond in the rough.'"Good luck to all participants.

Downtown Disney: self-park, first 3 hours, free. AMC Theatres and table-service restaurants validate additional 2 hours. Each additional hour, 6 prorated in 20-minute increments; max. 30 valet, add 6.

Popular questions - Please help with history if i don't pass this i fail and get held back i hate school and am ready to drop ou?
We think that: 1. Why did the Israelis allow the Palestinians to take control over the Gaza Strip and the West Bank territory? (2 points)Yitzhzh Rabin, the Prime Minister, gave it to the Palestinians as a peace gesture.More Palestinians than Israelis lived there.The land was not suitable for agriculture.The United Nations ordered the Israelis to leave.2. Which of the following is NOT an example of Mohandas Gandhi's ideals of passive resistance? (2 points)Work stoppages in British owned businessesHunger strikesViolent and deadly protestsBoycotts of British goods3. India gained their independence from which world power in 1947?(2 points)Great BritainSpainFranceUnited States4. Why did the United States recognize China's communist government? (2 points)The United States wanted to convert China to Christianity.The United States wanted to be able to trade and do business within China.The United States wanted to overthrow the government and change it to a democracy.The United States secretly agreed with China's communist beliefs.5. Which of the following is NOT a contributing factor to the problems in Africa? (2 points)UrbanizationCivil warsImmigrating to the United StatesFamine6. Land reform has been successful in all of the following places EXCEPT ______________. (2 points)NicaraguaPeruCubaPanama7. What is the goal of NAFTA? (2 points)Control the amount of weapons coming into the Western HemisphereCreate more trade restrictions in the Western HemisphereEstablish better trading conditions in the Eastern HemisphereEliminate trade barriers in the Western Hemisphere8. In an attempt to make Iran a modern nation, the Shah did all of the following EXCEPT ____________. (2 points)build highways and factoriesgive peasants land of their ownbegin new industry and build schoolsgive women more freedom9. ____________ and Tunisia were the first African colonies to gain their independence. (2 points)PortugalMoroccoAlgeriaRussia10. The South African policy that gave no economic, social, or political rights to black citizens was called ______________. (2 points)communismslaveryapartheiddictatorship11. The Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) began to develop and use ____________________ in the 1970s. (2 points)terrorist tacticsarms of mass destructionpeace treaties between Palestine and Israelland thousands of miles away to create their own independent borders12. Which Asian country has NOT been successful in regards to their economy? (2 points)SingaporeSouth KoreaTaiwanIndonesia13. Some positive policies brought on by Mikhail Gorbachev include all of the following EXCEPT ______________. (2 points)the country was divided into smaller, more manageable countriespeople were now free to speak out against the governmentthe press was not censored heavily by the governmentfactories were encouraged to increase production of consumer goods14. Who claims outer space as their own territory? (2 points)The United StatesNo one—it is considered international territoryUnited States, China, Japan, and RussiaRussia alone because they were the first to launch a satellite15. Which of the following is NOT an example of how the United States has changed in a global society? (2 points)Americans listen to music from Africa and Latin America.Pop culture cartoons and movies are popular, even though they were created outside of the United States.Restaurants serving ethnic food are now commonplace.The United States other countries to imitate and behave like Americans.16. Describe the transition of African colonies to nations as a result of the Pan-African Movement. (10 points)

Frequently asked questions : What is your favorite Disney movie?
We think that- Mine is The Little Mermaid. :D

Frequently asked questions : Teen Surprise Party Strategies?
Here is the answer: I know it's long but I seriously need some help here people.... This party needs to be special and I could rele use some advice. AAHH! HELP!Here's my code names:Friend #1 is: BFriend #2 is: Jand bday is : EHey so me, B, and J are planning this surprise party for E. Originally we were gonna kidnap her and go to disneyland... cuz you know the thing about get in free on your birthday. Anyways we just found out tht B will be a soccer tournament that weekend so idk if we should still do disney on E's birthday. I think that B would be kind of mad if we just ditched her. J still wants to do disney but the thing is that we will have three people there and three peopl at disneyland suck... You know since there are only 2 seats on the rides?? I suggested that we plan a regular surprise party a week after E's birthday but J can be kind of stubborn... So what do I do? and how so I keep it a secret from E???

Many people ask - What is an average salery (pay) of a cartoon animator?
We think that: I have been drawing all my life. I'd start with copying tv cartoons and then go on to making my own cartoon which I'd draw between 1-2 years before I move on. I'm a young yet professional. But I want to know how much cartoon animators get payed weekly, monthly, yearly. Either in the Great British pound or the United states dollar. It's a 911 cry for help. Someone answer!!

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