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Frequently asked questions : Disney!!!!?
Here is the answer- Give me your opinons on disney and your favourite disney movie if u have 1

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Questions for new users - What is your favorite Disney song from the movies and why???
The answer is- But no Disney Channel Movies

If you love Disney, then the Disney Movie Club is perfect for you. Whether you want old classics from your past, or new Disney movies for you and your kids to enjoy, the Disney Movie Club has everything you need to become a kid again or stay one for as long as you want.

Ross looks younger than his 49 years. He is tall, lean, and fit-casually crisp in jeans and a Faconnable shirt. His relaxed attentiveness and easy smile belie a focus on details, on punctuality, on order. He has a broad and generous grin and could pass for the suave and more athletic kid brother of Charles Martin Smith, to pull a comparison from Disneys own film library. You get the feeling hes probably made a career feasting on arrogant suckers who make the mistake of confusing his affability with some kind of weakness. He grew up in Eastchester, New York; his father was a garment-industry executive, his mother a former teacher turned real-estate agent. His most memorable childhood moviegoing experience was a double feature he attended with his parents when he was about 14- A Clockwork Orange and Deliverance. Back then, it was easier for parents not to know as much about the movies they were taking their kids to, he says, laughing as he recalls the experience. We sat through all of Clockwork and, like most people, didnt really know what to make of it. I think we only got about seven minutes into Deliverance when my mom looks at me and says, Were going for ice cream.

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