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Questions for new users - What is your favorite disney movie?
We think that: Personally my favorite is the original fantasia then Aladdin is my second

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Popular questions : What are some of your favorite quotes??
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Not many people know about the on-site Vacation Club at Disneyland Paris. This timeshare resort is beautifully imagineered to make you feel as if you re staying in a traditional French home in a French countryside village.

The iconic Minnie Mouse has never looked more charming than when dressed in our Deluxe Ms. Mouse Toddler Costume. It will have your baby looking like a star from Disneys Mickey Mouse Club. Our deluxe Ms. Mouse Toddler Costume includes a knee-length dress with a black bodice and sleeves, white rounded Peter Pan collar, red and white polka dot puff sleeves and richly gathered puffy dress, white ribbon belt with bow and classic mouse ears headpiece topped with a matching bow. Girls can pretend they are Minnie Mouse, the sweet-natured and fun-loving girlfriend of Mickey Mouse, in our deluxe Ms. Mouse toddler costume. Tights, shoes not included.

People often ask - Awkward? Flirty? Or friendly?
The answer is- So there's these two guys I'll call them guy A and guy B.Guy A is in my Spanish class (I'm in high school) He says hi every day, (and although I've known him sense the 3rd grade, we've never said more than hi until know) He's always asking odd question sort of in an awkward way like "Do you think DisneyLand is the Happiest place on earth? I think Willy Wonka's factory would be because, I would like have a sugar rush and die. hehehehehe" But really fast. He also stares at me. A lot. He always says goodbye, and to have a great weekend, which I think is pretty nice, and he helps me in spanish sometimes, so is he just nice and somewhat awkward, or flirty? (Just so you know, no matter what I'm probably not going to do anything about it, I'm too young to date,and I really don't want to have to ask him)Guy B, is a completely different story. I have a crush on him, but whenever I try to talk to him I get one word answers. "No" "I don't know" "Sure" So i've given up on the fantasy that he might like me. But that's only half the time, in real life he won't say two sentences, on facebook, there's a conversation, and "Hhahahaha" and "No way!!!"s and all that, I'm just wondering, what's his deal, and are we only friends on Facebook?

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