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Planning can be fun but difficult to find the right balance. Eventually everything seems to slot into logical place. If youre wanting to see Paris and have never been to the city before, you are going to need more time than youve allotted. If you just ran around and quickly saw landmarks, I think you would realise youve cut yourself short and be unable to soak up the atmosphere of Paris. I think Disneyland Paris is a great complement to Paris but I wouldnt focus solely on a theme park when you have a city sized theme park filled with great architecture, interesting characters and wonderful views. I think if you really want to have a substantial amount of time in DL the itinerary may go like this:

Since Mickey Saves Santa and Other Mouseketales is a wholly digital creation to start with, the full-screen DVD image is, as expected, flawless. The bold primary colors really jump out at the viewer, and the classy Disney designs based on the traditional 1940s character artwork are a step above most other CG animation out there.

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People often ask - Whats your favorite disney movie? and character?
We think that: Personally mine is cinderella. But i did like 101 dalmations

Stock Invitations for a Disney Princess party are available at most card, toy and party stores, and will come complete with high quality paper in pink or lavender hues, elegant script, and pictures of the Disney princesses.

Frequently asked questions - How does an artist capture / express the essence and feeling of a sketch/ drawing?
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Identified as the founder of the Tomorrowland Transit Authority in film clips shown in the queue area of Rocket Rods formerly, the CircleVision 360 Theater at Disneyland.

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