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Frequently asked questions : POLL: Do you have any DISNEY songs on your iPod?
The answer is- I think Disney is timeless they make a lot of great songs for their movies. I was thinking about getting some for my iPod. Do YOU have any Disney songs?BQ: favorite Disney song?

Many people ask : What do the two versions on Cinderella(Walt disney and Brother's Grimm) illustrate about Archetype theory?
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Friend to All Living Things: Every Disney princess had some kind of Animal Friend, or even a whole posse: Snow White and Aurora had various woodland animals; Cinderella had birds, mice, and a dog; Ariel had a fish, seagull, and crab though it seems normal for merfolk to befriend sealife, leading to questions of what they eat ; Belle spoke to and was helped by her horse; Pocahontas had a raccoon, a humming bird, an army of pastel leaves, and later a pug ; Mulan had a dragon, a cricket and her pet horse; Tiana had various bugs and a trumpet-playing alligator, and Rapunzel has her chameleon and later a horse ally. Bonus points to Jasmine, who had a pet tiger and used him to drive away unwanted suitors.

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Frequently asked questions - Can you think of a username for me?
We think that: I'm just tired of this old "While My Guitar Gently Weeps".Here's some stuff about me:*I LOVE The Beatles (especially George)*My favorite movies are Forrest Gump, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, Oh Brother Where Art Thou?, and any Disney movie (my favorites are Cinderella and Dumbo)*I play the violin*I'm the colorguard CAPTAIN in my school's marching band.*I'm obsessed with the color orange.THANKS!

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