City of characters from the wonderful animated Walt. : List of hidden mickeys at disneyland, Disneyland peak season.

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People often ask - Fav disney song and film?...?
Here is the answer- call me sad or whatever but im 14 and LOVEEEE disney haha yeh im sad but yanoo:pso just wondering whats your favourite disney song and movie, wana know if anyones favourites are close to mine xxxxx:)hehe

Popular questions : How can I make cartoons?
The answer- I have lots of characters and lots of ideas that I'd like to turn into animated films- how do I do this? Is there any good software which can help which is easy to learn and use well, or any equipment or additional information I should know about? Any info would be greatly appreciated. :)

Illuminati alters believe that trees and flowers are alive. The 1932 Disney film Flowers and Trees is a story about two trees who fall in love. The film portrays the occult belief that trees can talk and sing. Internally, alter systems will be constructed with singing trees and flowers that represent people and which are alters. The singing trees give out internal codes to move alters internally where they need to go. Return to Oz. 1985 This Disney film begins its story line about a girl who is thought to have psychological problems because of her tales of Oz. She is warned not to talk about Oz by her relatives. She is taken to a psychologist who wears a big ruby ring, who tells Dorothy that electroshocks wont hurt her, and that we are at the dawn of a New Age. Dorothy is told that her memories are,, just dreams that stem from excess electrical current in the brain. She is sent to a mental institution to receive shock treatments for talking about Oz.

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Questions for new users - I'm going to LA over spring break and I was wondering what sort of things that I could do? Please read details?
We think that- Hey!I am a 14 year old girl from San Diego that is going to LA for about 3 days over spring break. I have been to LA various times before, but to Disneyland, Knotts Berry Farm, and other amusement parks.I have also been to Venice Beach and seen many plays there.This time I want to do fun things that would interest a teenager (14). I am going with my parents too, so it would have to be sorta fun for them.I do not like museums, but I love shopping. I do not have that much money to shop though....only about 100$. What are some cheap but ah-dorable stores? Are there any awesome thrift stores?What other things I can do when I am up there?I have been to most tourist places, so it would be great if tehre were some local places that I could go and have a blast.If you answer my question with good info then I will answer one of your questions with legit info, and i will continue to answer your questions.Thank you so much!!Kat P.P.S the hotel that I will be staying at is in central La, around Hollywood!

Frequently asked questions : What is the classic Disney style Winter Wonderland movie, that featured all the (classic) characters?
The answer is: I remember watching this movie every year until about 15 years or so ago, and have been looking for it since but with no luck. I haven't seen it since, nor do I remember the name. It's one of my favorite childhood movies, and I'm desperate.One of the few scenes I remember are Uncle Donald playing pond ice hockey with his nephews, and then the ice breaks and turns into a streaming waterfall and they all have to scramble to save the person caught on an ice piece.Mickey & Minnie Mouse are in a horse-drawn carriage, and that's about all that I remember.Your help is GREATLY appreciated!

This week were going to open up the show with a couple of very special announcements and surprises! Later on well by joined by a full panel to talk about Magic Meets. The 2008 Magic Meets event was held last weekend in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania and joining us to talk about Magic Meets and many of the highlights are Lisa and Jennifer from the Those Darn Cats podcast and our friend and loyal listener Larry. This weeks discussion is a great listen for anyone who either wanted to be at Magic Meets but couldnt make it or even to people who have considered attending Magic Meets but werent sure if it was for them. We only have a couple of pieces of news to report this week which include Fantasmic at Disneys Hollywood Studios being cut back to 2 performances per week in January 2009 and Training Camp for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers begins in Walt Disney World today. We have many AllAbouttheMouseketeers to get to this week as well as another visit to the Main Street Cinema courtesy of Tim Stenzel for a review of Wall-E. Were going to save emails, AllAbouttheMouseketeer Interviews, and this weeks Call Out for next weeks show which will be yet another email and listener feedback show. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!

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