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Frequently asked questions - How does the Disneyland Resort Play 4 Days Exchange Certificate (So CA Residents) from costco with work?
The answer: I have family in the area, but i dont live in So California, is there a way i could use these tickets that are for so ca residents? Do you have to proof who you are every day you go? If someone that lives there gets the tickets for you would i have a problem using the tickets?

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The answer: I'm making another novel. Tell me what you think.OneWelcome to the Hollywood Tower Hotel.”, Tyler said in a gloomy voice. “Your rooms are now ready. Everyone will fill in a row starting with row three. Follow me row three.”, Tyler lead row three into it’s row in the Elevator. Then he went back and took row two. After that he took row one. Then row six, five, and four.Tyler Watson, the bellhop, stepped out of the elevator and pressed a green button. As the Elevator doors reluctantly started to shut, Tyler stood in front of it and gave an evil smile. “Please DO enjoy your stay!”, He said.Tyler Watson loved his summer job in Walt Disney World. For a sophomore in High School, he was a great Bellhop. He loved to work at the scary rides. Sort of like The Haunted Mansion, The Tower of Terror, and Pirates of the Caribbean. He also liked working at thrill rides like Tower of Terror, Rock’n’Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith, Expedition Everest, Test Track, Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain, and Dinosaur.He looked both ways to make sure no one was looking. Once no one was he opened a secret door that lead him to a secret elevator in the Boiler Room. Inside there he pressed a button that was labeled GFLOOR. Ten seconds later he arrived at the bottom floor of the Tower.Just as the rides elevator doors opened and the ride music stopped Tyler came up to it and gave evil smile. “Did you enjoy your stay?”, He asked. Everyone in the elevator cheered.He looked at his watch. 3:30. His day at the Tower of Terror was done. He ran down the hall of the building and escaped through a secret hallway. All the way down the hall Tyler opened a door labeled Employees Only. He went into a little room where he got dressed into his Jungle Cruise outfit.After a bus ride to the Magic Kingdom Tyler went underground to the secret hallway. He ran down a hallway full of doors and opened one that was labeled Jungle Cruise. He entered an elevator and pressed a button labeled PARK. The elevator took him to the Jungle Cruise dock. Then he jumped into a boat.Hi everyone!”, He said in a cheery voice. “My Name’s Tyler.”. A man who worked at Walt Disney World pointed to a girl. Tyler noticed a birthday pin which was labeled Happy Birthday Marissa. She sat on the right side bench. “Oh. Happy Birthday Marissa!”, Tyler said. “Just because of that you get to sit in the VIP seat!”, Tyler pointed to the Middle Crate. After she sat down Tyler asked, “Do you know what VIP means?”. She shook her head. “Well”, Tyler Began. “It means View Is Perfect of all this.” Tyler pointed to himself.Marissa giggled. Tyler turned on the boat and pulled away from the dock. “Welcome everyone to the Leaky Tiki. My name is Tyler and I will be your skipper, teacher, alligator wrestler, and dancing instructor for the next three weeks. If something happens um, uh he will take over.”, Tyler pointed to a two year old boy. “No need to worry, I’ll be fine. But you guys on the other hand… Don’t worry I’m Just kidding.We may need to worry a bit because some scouts said the have spotted tigers in the line. Now that’s ridiculous! Tigers have stripes not spots! As you can see we are in the jungle right now. Do any of you know why?”. No one raised their hands. “Well this is the Jungle Cruise! As you can see there is a campsite over there. I wonder why know one was there?”, Marissa was in shock as she pointed to a twelve foot long python.Tyler went on with the Python joke. But in the next scene the rhino was missing. Five guys up a pole with ripped pants, and terrified looks but no rhino like it was supposed to? That was just strange. But Tyler went on with the tour.

Frequently asked questions : Disneyland Paris, Santa Fe?
We think that: Im Going To Disneyland Paris In July And Am Staying In The Santa Fe Hotel.I Was Just Wondering If Anybody Has Stayed There In The Past And If It Is A Good Place To Stay, Also Any Problems That You May Have Hadxx

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