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We think that: Does anyone else do something similar to help them sleep?Ever since I was little, I have done this to get to sleep after a babysitter told me to. i get into bed, pull the cover all around me & imagine I fly thru the sky to Disneyland. Each night I choose a different Disney character to hang around with & we go on the rides in the park together.Does anyone do imaginary scenarios to get off to sleep?

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Well said. I m 20 and I consider Disney Princess movies to be among my favorites. They re certainly my most watched. I refuse to believe little girls are over princesses. My favorite thing about my birthday to this day is it s my only excuse to wear a crown. It s like they re trying to take the magic out of Disney.

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This weeks show is dedicated to our listeners as we get back to answering your email, reading All About the Mouseketeer Interviews, and even a Mousecall thrown in for good measure. Weve also got another installment of The Disney Feud in which the 2008 Disney Moms Panel take on the Main Street Scrappers. In the news this week: Stitchs Supersonic Celebration is being pulled down for refurb already, you can now make your Advanced Dining Reservations online, the tequila bar is finally under construction in Mexico, and much more. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.

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