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Popular questions : Would Disneyland be a good first date ?
The answer: I have a chance to visit the Queen Mary tonight . Which would you choose ? Queen Mary tonight or Disneyland later ?

Frequently asked questions - Who is your all time favourite character out of any Disney film?
We think that: Timone and Pumba

Disneyland has the slogan, The happiest place on earth, but you wont find much joy in Mickeys adventure through this Magic Kingdom. This evocative trip through Disneys hallowed history offers clever twists to the characters and imagery that have become ingrained in the popular consciousness, but these artistic touches are not enough to salvage the rest of the dour experience. A number of fundamental design flaws derail this colorful adventure before it ever has a chance to get going. Sloppy controls and a woeful camera continually stand in the way of your progress, but its the preponderance of dull objectives that smothers any whiff of enjoyment. It just isnt fun to play Epic Mickey; even though the thoughtful story and imaginative visuals do their best to urge you along, its not worth trudging through the uninspired and frustrating set pieces to get there. Epic Mickey uses nostalgia to suck you into this world, but its reliance on antiquated gameplay makes it a difficult game to endure.

First, you can try out the one piece outfit of Ariel costume and thus recreate the mermaid ensemble or if wearing shells makes you uncomfortable then you can also wear Ariel dress. This dress is in pink and the one that Ariel wears when she gets a chance to be a human girl as shown in one of the modern Disney movies.

Should you stay in a Disneyland hotel? What is the difference between staying at a Disneyland hotel and a regular hotel? What Disneyland ticket is right for you? If you plan on making more than one trip in a year should you get a Disneyland annual pass?

Many people ask : Cartoon.... animations! design. computer program...?
We think that- o.k so im really really REALLY into how they make cartoon... im 17 teenevery since i was 13, i use to make cartoons with a note path., you now, those yellow sticky notes!!! well , then when i was 15 i use camaras, and take a lot of pictures and then put them together, to make the figure move!!!! and when i was 17 teen ,,,, wait im 17teen!!!!well now i tried to use the computer and draw in them and make another file and do it again but a little bit different... so i can make it move...........but i am really off what showing on t.v!!!!!!like sponge bob squere pants, naruto , and bogsbonie , and other cartoons!!!!if you can show me a website where i can see where they make cartoons(like the actual studio ,you now the work place),,, or show me a profecional program that i can get!!!!!!thks ...

Popular questions : What is your favorite thing about the fall?
The answer is: I love wearing hoodies, eating pumpkin pie, and watching Disney Channel Halloween movies. You guys?

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The answer is: who ever answers the whole quiz gets a best answer!!!1. where was nick jonas born?2. what color are kevin jonas eyes?3. what is joe jonas favorite color?4. how old is frankie jonas?5. how old is joe jonas?6. what tour is currrently going on now?7. what disney channel show have the jonas brothers guest stared on?8. Who wrote the song S.O.S?9. is kevin jonas still home schooled?10. what is the band named that frankie jonas is in?11. What is the name of the first cd reaeased by the jonas brothers?12. what show was the single mandy featured on?13. what disney channel movie are the jonas brothers going to be in?14. what does OJD stand for?15. what is there newest single?

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