City of characters from the wonderful animated Walt. : Menage disneyland, Walt disney masterpiece pinocchio.

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People often ask : Japanese...!?
We think that- I went to Japan before. I only speak a little bit of japanese, so there are some that I wanted to say but I dont know how to.. please help me!How do you say(for disneyland, etc)I would like to buy that, that and that. Thank you very much.Is this ride fast?Is this bag allowed when im in the ride?4 people are with me, going to the rideWhich way to this ride?when is this ride going to be open?(restaurants)Can I have a fork/spoon?Can I have a small spoon/fork?Can I see the menu?I would like this, and that (ordering)(shops)How much does this cost?Do you sell magazines in here?Do you sell stationaries here?Do you have an "Arashi"(band name) merchandise here?Is that too much? Im really sorry if it is T_ T i desprately need lessons in Japanese.And it'll be better if you can tell me tips on being in japan and tips on talking to others. Thank you soo much!

Many people are interested - How do you get over a decision you regret that reflects on your career?
We think that: I made I'll be honest, I did something I was not proud of at all and I regret the actions I made. I'm a Cartoonist, it's something I've always wanted to do but could never find any art instructors where I live. The only way I could learn was by trying to mimic pictures of famous cartoon characters, and eventually drawing became second nature for me. Unfortunately, I took one too far and made a mistake I deeply regret. My favorite artist on Deviantart is one of the most well known Cartoonist on the site, and was a great inspiration to my work. I admired his style, and I wanted to learn how to draw like he did. Unfortunately, at this time my drawing skills were mediocre and I could barely draw anything correctly. I wanted to make an animal character at the time, but I didn't know how to draw this particular animal in a weird cartoon style. I ended up drawing my animal character exactly like one of the animals in gallery with some minor modifications. I had just joined the site and I submitted the piece since it was my first stepping stone, and I didn't really think about the consequences. Almost a year later, I had improved greatly and I began to gain an audience for my artwork.I was finally able to draw much better detail to my characters and draw just about anything I wanted with no help, it was as if everything came second nature now. I was proud of myself that I actually taught myself to draw at a certain extent, and sent a message to my favorite artist requesting to look at my gallery and show how much I improved all because of his inspirational work. Unfortunately, he instead found the similar animal drawing in my gallery and was outraged by the art theft. I didn't see it as an art theft when I made it, and I was wrong for doing this. I tried to explain that it was the first practice drawing that helped me get the feel of drawing with better detail, but he was still not convinced. We came to a neutral ground, probably since he has a large audience and wants to do crowd control, and he said he would forget about it, but as a cost, will never respect me again. I was destroyed by this comment of his since he was my all time artist hero, and I understand it was a mistake, but I didn't want him to hate me for it. I just wanted him to see how his work actually helped me learn to draw, a decision I now regret. This happened about four months ago, but I always feel conscious that it will haunt my art career later on and I don't know what to do honestly. How can I let go of the past?

People often ask - Poll: Least favorite Disney movie?
We think that: =]

Questions for new users : Can you still buy Lady and the Tramp 2 disc 50th anniversary special edition, in shops in the UK.Please help?
We think that: Can you buy Disney Lady and the tramp in shops in the UK. It is my all time favourite movie. In Shops though,not on the internet.Thanks.xx

People often ask : POL: How many times have you been to disneyland?
We think that- Twice:)

Disney Vacation Club DVC is a timeshare program with a twist. Instead of purchasing a specific vacation week at a particular resort, you purchase points.

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Walt Disney - Lambert The Sheepish Lion - 1952

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