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On Saturday we went back into Disneyland and it was a lot busier because the children were not at school. First we went in to Disneyland studios and the first ride we went on was some cars. They were really fast but the ride did not last very long though the car ride was called Radiator Springs. After we went on the film studio tour which was fab. Then we went on Thunder Mountain again. But before that we watched Mickey s Winter Wonderland show which was spectacular. Mickey and Mini were ice skating, there was also Donald Duck, Goofy, Pluto, 2 chipmunks and a man and a lady all singing and ice skating. Also a horse drawn sleigh and it snowed. Then we had tea pizza and coke!. After it was 6 o clock and loads of people had left so we went on Radiator Springs again. After we went on Aladdin s magic carpets. Then we went back to the hotel. It was lovely walking through the park lit up at night. Especially the huge, twinkling Christmas tree. I said, I dont want to go tomorrow, I love Disney Land.

1956, Los Angeles Examiner collection. From Calif-Anaheim-Disneyland-Maps, Models, Illustrations file. Aerial view of Disneyland in 1956.

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Less than a year after meeting, Iwerks and Disney joined together and formed a company, in 1920, called Iwerks-Disney Commercial Artists. The venture was short lived, however, as Walt went to work for the Kansas City Film Ad Company for more money. It wasnt long before Disney had convinced Kansas City Film Ad Company that it also needed the talents of Ub Iwerks. Iwerks was hired.

Many people are interested : What is your favorite Disney Channel Original Movie?
The answer- I remember when I was younger,Disney channel was the coolest thing. My favorite part was the movies.. Johnny Tsunami, You Wish, Eddies Million Dollar Cook-off, ect. What's yours?

Questions for new users - Favorite Disney animated movie?
Here is the answer- I like Lady and the Tramp, Mulan, Beauty and the Beast and Hunchback of Notre Dame

Popular questions : Anyone here ever done a 'flash mountain' at Disneyland on Splash Mountain, or know someone who has?
Here is the answer: It was funny, in '04 when my family and i went to Disneyland in Anaheim, we were nearing the end of our 2 week trip, and my father did a 'flash mountain' (for those not in the know, showing your chest/lifting your shirt over your head and showing 'everything' on the Briar Patch fall/decent on Splash Mountain). It was unbeknown est to my sister who was sitting in front of him, and all us others not on the ride, but he had the biggest grin on his face when he got off and told us!What was funnier than imagining what it looked like, and the way he described it was the fact that the picture of their decent did not appear on the way out and was instead 'Washed Away'...Which is strange, cause its not like he is most others who do it (females during Summer months)...So yeah just wondering if anyone else has ever done it just for the sake of it/for a laugh, you've seen someone do it, or know someone who has done it?Just curious:)

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