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UK members of LOVEFiLM - Europes largest subscription service, streaming movies and TV episodes over the internet and sending DVDs by post - will be able to rent and stream a selection of titles from The Walt Disney Companys portfolio of movies. LOVEFiLM members will be able to watch titles instantly as part of their subscription on the LOVEFiLM Player, either on the PC, via in-home connected devices or the PlayStationR3.

Walt Disney World, located in Lake Buena Vista, Florida, near Orlando, is the flagship of Disneys worldwide theme park empire. It is, by far, the most popular theme park resort in the world. Some visitors describe it as a place of magic, wonder, and fantasy; others speak of fun, excitement, and relaxation; and still others complain of crowds, artifice, and unrelenting tackiness. As with most things, the essence of Walt Disney World lies near the intersection of those three views.

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We think that- im paitning animation cels by hand, but want to know which is better before i buy it. im making an 'anime' cel cartoon so its gotta look anime like. like all those anime cels that are hand painted. they use either gouache or acrylic. which should i use?also, where can i find cellulois acetate? and do they even carry it in the USA? it seems rare. if not, what else can i use as a clear see through cel paper?also, how much would they be?thanks!!!

Questions for new users - I think she copies me?
We think that- Okay well my niece that's 1 year older than me (complicated story) I think copies me. We live in the same house and everything. Okay so about two years ago, and I'm 14 going on 15 now, so I was 13 and I started liking Japanese anime. I actually started loving it, I would watch it all the time, and my niece would say "How can you think cartoon guys are cute?" and then week later she's talking to me about how she now loves anime, and how she think all of these guys are hot in it. So that went on for a very long time probably about a year. I would watch one show, and not even tell her about it and she comes telling me how she watched the show I was watching and whatever, it got annoying, Then I started looking at the people behind the anime. I started liking Japanese dramas, in fact I fell even harder for them than the anime. My niece always said she think Asians are ugly and all look the same. And guess what, once she found out I liked Japanese dramas, she became obsessed with it, calling all these guys hot,watching ever single drama I watch, copying the Jpop music I listen to. I liked it so much I thought I would try to learn the language, and of course she suddenly wanted to learn the language to. Then I started taking an interest in Koreans, and that's where I am now. I love the culture and everything even more than I did Japanese. I love the dramas, the music, and I tried to keep it a secret from my niece for fear of her copying me again. But she easily found out, she's now saying how Korea is so much better than Japan, And every single Kpop song or band that I know she doesn't have, I play it once in my room and suddenly she has it. And everytime I'm around she'll play the songs she copied from me, trying to prove a point or something. She's even trying to learn the language now, after she saw me trying to learn it. This may sound petty, but I wanna be unique. And she's making it hard for me to do that. She gives me dirty looks all the time, which I don't get, and then she tells me she wishes she was the same skin tone as me, that she was the same height as me it's ridiculous. Why does she do this? and what should I do?

Ill be curious to see how long hell be happy as a Disney board member. If I were Iver, Id be making sure that I did everything in my power to never, ever report two bad quarters in a row. If I were Roy Disney, Id be working on becoming Jobs best friend such as you can be.

Today Disney Inc. is global, with theme parks in Florida, Paris, and Tokyo, a cruise line in the Bahamas, a cable and network TV presence. To quote Jiminey Cricket:

Frequently asked questions : How can I stop my obsession with a [cartoon] movie?
The answer: I am 16 years old. While most girls of my age are drooling over Justin Bieber or the Jonas Brothers, I am here, like a child, obsessed with the Little Mermaid. I am serious about this. Haha. I think I might be too addicted.Signs of possible addiction:1. My 5 hours on the Internet is spent mostly on watching Youtube fan videos of the Little Mermaid, researching trivias, reading comments or reviews of people about this movie, etc.2. This week, I have watched the three Little Mermaid movies. I have watched the original one twice, even if I know the plot since I was like 6. I have also watched the Little Mermaid 2 and Ariel's Beginning. Also, I replay and replay my favorite scenes again and again in these movies.3. Yesterday, I have watched the "Part of your World" video about 10-12 times and "Kiss the Girl" about 5 times. I get too much LSS.4. My 6 year old mind still has a huge crush on Prince Eric. Yeah. This one is the weirdest to admit. O.o5. It takes about 30 minutes for me to sleep at night because I am thinking about these stuff(the ones you are reading now).1.)Is this normal for a 16 year old girl? I mean, every time I watch this movie, I can feel the "magic" that Walt Disney intended in Disney movies. And sometimes I get too carried away and I cry (what a baby). HAHA.2.)Am I weird?3.) How do I lessen my "obsession" because it kind of also affects my performances, like in my summer advance classes, I sing Little Mermaid songs in my head or draw Ariel or whatever. LOL. So, what can I do to make me focus on more important things and do something more productive? I do not want to erase this completely, just put this obsession in uhh.. control? HAHA! Help me. Thanks. :D

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