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The phenomenon of Disneyland has been done to death by all sorts of social critics but the truth is, it can be great fun, especially if you visit out of season and get there early to avoid the crowds, and really immerse yourself in the extroverted joy of it all. Most of the rides are great, each in different ways, from the Pirates of the Caribbean, which inspired the movie of the same name, Space Mountain, and the Mad Tea Party, also known as the classic spinning teacup ride.

People often ask - What is your favorite Disney-Pixar movie?
The answer is- Options:1. Toy Story2. A Bug's Life3. Toy Story 24. Monsters, Inc.5. Finding Nemo6. The Incredibles7. Cars8. Ratatouille9. Wall-E10. Up11. Toy Story 3

Savvy marketing has been key to the success of Disney Princess. Learn how Disney combines marketing and magic in the next section.

Disneys first movie is among Alexs favorites. He seems to particularly enjoy evil characters, and Snow White offers the wicked queen and the scary witch. The films climax effectively manipulates Alexs emotions. After Snow White has bitten the poisoned apple, the dwarfs, thinking she is dead, weep in sorrow. Alex, who knows the names of all seven dwarfs, narrates mournfully: Happy is sad. Grumpy is sad. Dopey is sad. The animals are sad. Theyre sad outside. Then, once the handsome prince comes, and, as Alex puts it, kisses on Snow White, Alex is every bit as joyful as the dwarfs are.

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I am sure you are all aware that when the Disneyland Hotel originally opened in 1955, there was a Richfield service station on the property. You can clearly see the station in place from my latest overhead picture posting in the lower left portion of the photograph. The station was conveniently located right at the exit of Disneyland Park so guests could fill their tanks for the ride home. In my never ending quest for knowledge and details, I found the following. First is a portion of the text from the original contract terms to build and operate the Disneyland Hotel which was prepared by Jack Wrather partners. This document is dated November 11, 1954:

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