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Walt Disney s idea of Walt Disney World was for a larger, more expansive version of Disneyland ; a place that could constantly expand and not be as constrained by the need for land that Disneyland suffers from. Walt Disney World, especially as seen within Epcot, was to be a sort of Disneyland of the future where breakthroughs in science and technology could coexist with the original Disney vision of themed entertainment. Walt Disney also envisioned this project as incorporating a working community where his ideas about urban planning could be tested he called this concept the Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow, or EPCOT the theme park that eventually opened under the Epcot name bore little resemblance to this vision.

The resignation of Steve Jobs as Apple CEO is a significant event for the company, but similar to the departures of visionaries in years past like Henry Ford and Walt Disney, Apple is expected to go on without Jobs.

The recent success of the dark childrens tale Where The Wild Things Are may provide a roadmap for Disney, proving that multiple generations can embrace a timeless tale that at times, gets a little scary, but remains good.

Many people ask : Favourite animated Disney movie?
The answer is: Mine'd be Mulan. I love that movie. :)

Popular questions : Sims 2 how to make your sims look like cartoon characters?
Here is the answer- In the Sims 2 I've seen Sims look like Cartoon characters, how do you do that? Like Sakura Haruno, in the Sims I saw a sim who looked a lot like her. How do you do that? Thank you to everyone who answers this seriously.

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