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We think that: Dive for Destination ImaginationZALLKMS performed a music video using a literature. Our literature was Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs by Walt Disney. My team included … Using our names, it created ZALLKMS, our team name. Our overall performance was not horrible or suburb, but in between. It was intriguing to watch because our music video ran smoothly, the choreography and the music were timed very well, we stayed on beat with the music, we used the whole stage, and our grand entrance worked as planned. Therefore, it was intriguing to watch, as some of the audience would say. Unfortunately, we needed to speak louder, perform bolder moves in the choreography, slowing down and not rushing our lines, and facing the audience. As a result, we didn’t gain as much points as we would have.My main role in the group was supplying the props for the music video. I brought the poisonous apple, I brought fabric markers to decorate the dwarf's shirts, I created a poster that we did not use in our performance, and I designed two out of the seven costumes. I also contributed by attending all meetings except for two, I helped a little with the choreography and the lyrics, and I wrote the main points of the story that …changed into a song. In my opinion, I was the second person who contributed the most. I would have helped with more of the important concepts such as the choreography and the lyrics instead of the props. I think the person that contributed the most was…. She constructed most of the wishing well, she wrote most the song, she typed the script, and she made the grand entrance poster. She made the box that was used for Snow White’s heart, she created most of the choreography, and she helped with the costumes. Also she brought a CD player and she provided the team a place to rehearse. She came to all the meetings. ….came third. She made the mirror for my mirror costume, she supplied the shirts for the dwarfs’ costumes, and she constructed part of the well. She provided the team a place to rehearse and she helped a little with the choreography and the lyrics. She came to all the meetings. After.., …was the fourth person to contribute the most. …brought a pillow, she provided the team a place to rehearse, and she helped a little with the choreography, and the lyrics. Then came …. She helped a little with the choreography and the lyrics, she constructed part of the well, and she helped the team stay on task by writing a list of unfinished jobs that we needed to accomplish before the performance. Also she made the CD with an instrumental of the song Bop to the Top in High School Musical. The people who contributed the least were …and…. ….did not come to the lunch meetings because she wanted to be with her friends. She helped a little with the choreography and the lyrics and she helped with the costumes. On the other hand, …brought the rags that Snow White cleaned up, she helped a little with the lyrics, and she constructed part of the well ….didn't attend the meeting where we made the choreography and practiced with the lyrics and the music because she wanted to be with her friends.I felt very excited and very nervous to perform in front of an audience. It was also a lot of pressure. Performing in front of an audience felt like I was in a Broadway play in front of the whole entire world. I felt like if I did something wrong, I would be bringing my team and my grade down. Also, it felt really well because I was showing the audience and the judges the work the team been doing for the past three weeks. It was an accomplishment for us and presenting it to an audience was even better. In the performance, I would have changed how I said my lines by speaking louder, I would have performed bolding moves in the choreography, and I would have faced the audience.In Destination Imagination, I enjoyed working with other people that I didn't know before and learning new songs and dances in a certain amount of time. I didn't like the idea of performing in front of 300 kids and in front of judges. If I could change anything about the process of DI, I would change it by having more time to prepare, so our performance could be improved. I learned many things through this process. I learned how to work with other people that I didn't know anything about them, and how to come up with lyrics and choreography using a literature. For next year, I would change how we didn't start the first day of DI and spread the jobs out evenly- so one person doesn't have to do all the work. Getting involved in DI helped me realize the fun and work of working in a team to create a team project and then presenting it in front of an audience.REQUIREMENTS:Paragraph 1:What was you overall impression of the DI challenge itself? (Explain the pros and cons of this particular challenge (music Video)Paragraph 2:What was you role in your group? How much work do you feel you did? How much effort did you contribute? What would you have

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The answer is- What a cheap shot. If you think the only way you can win is to take out a player, then I guess you don't have a lot of confidence in your team. It seems Inglis will not be back as he is in disneyland. I would vote for a send off myself.

Disney Wonder has four dinner restaurants onboard, three of which you rotate through over the course of the cruise, keeping the same dinner companions and servers throughout. The one exception is Palo, which we had the pleasure of dining in on our first night. This adults-only, open-kitchen dining room serves excellent Northern Italian fare - - with a classy ambience - - as good as Id find back home in the Washington area, only here we also had sweeping ocean views.

Mulan, the animated motion picture from Walt Disney Co., conforms closely to ancient Chinese customs and culture. The visual style includes many beautiful images and the plot is structured around the humorous development of the films characters. Expanded Academic Index

You can find much more Disney magic on Flickr. Just type some keywords such as disney, mickey, minnie, mouse, disney world, disneyland, etc. You can find pics of Mickey and Minnie and the gang and some other characters such as Cinderella and Eeyore! This is why I am addicted to Flickr and have a big collection of favourites.

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