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Whats funny is that I remember loving every part of all those classic movies as a kid. I was probably closer to 3 or 4 though. Maybe Leah will be ready for those classics in a few years. In the meantime, Nemo is a great choice for kids! I am always conflicted with Disney movies myself. I LOVE the classic tales because they intrigue kids and adults; however, I know the newer movies are safer for little kids.

Of course the best port of call on any Disney cruise is Castaway Cay - Disneys private island in the Bahamas. In our opinion, a day on this island is almost worth the cost of the cruise itself. It is exactly what you would imagine a caribbean paradise would be. Lush foilage, pristine beaches, crystal clear water. Like the ship, the island is also divided into areas specific to certain groups. You have a beach reserved for families, teens and adults respectively.

Frequently asked questions : Arrange these disney movies according to your favorite...?
The answer is- 1 being your most favorite5 being your least favoritePocahontasHerculesAladinLittle MermaidTarzan

Many people are interested : Please tell me what you think about my novel's intro!?
The answer is- Heres a prelude sort of section to my book. This is just at the beginning and it leads up to the story. Theyre in high school and they end up falling in love.Tell me what you think so far with my thought process and whether or not i should stay with the 3rd person or use one of their points of view to tell the story or switch point of views between the boy and girl. :) Thanks!!They say some people come into our lives and we immediately know they will mean something to us. Thatís how it was with Grace and Danny. When they saw each other, they meshed together right away and neither could imagine life without the other as a best friend. Yes, it sounds cheesy. But thatís just how it felt- like they had always known each other.Starting in second grade on the first day of class when Grace asked Danny if she could borrow his green crayon, her favorite color, they were practically joined at the hip. They sat side by side in class, played on the playground, and within a few months their parents started scheduling weekend visits. Their extra playtime was spent coloring, playing in the yard, and watching cartoons together on rainy days. He spent every weekend wrapped up in a sleeping bag next to her on her living room floor with a tub of popcorn-compliments to her mom- in between them as they watched their favorite Disney movies until they fell asleep. As they grew older, the coloring turned into homework. Playing in the yard turned into going to high school sports events her dad coached or building their fort in the woods just outside her unfenced yard. Their tradition of watching cartoons on rainy days remained unchanged. When they both started junior high, despite how much he liked Danny, Graceís dad decided she was too old to continue the weekend sleepovers with a boy. Instead, their fathers took Danny on weekend fishing trips, hunting trips and football games while their mothers took Grace to nail salons, country club swimming pools, and shopping expeditions.Danny joined the school football team- Grace joined volleyball. Danny began to make friends with his teammates and basked in the attention he started to receive from girls- Grace made friends with her teammates as well, opening the door for gossiping and, of course, more shopping. She quit the team after the first year, but stayed on good terms with nearly all the new friends she made. The next year she joined choir but only stayed with that for a semester before deciding that it wasnít her thing either. With constant pressure from his dad, Danny stayed true to football. Not only did he hate to think of letting his dad down, he really liked football. It wouldíve been nice to have a say about what he chose to be involved in. But, hey, what could he do?Through it all, they remained best friends. Junior high seemed to fly by and high school was right around the corner.

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Here is the answer: How did the violent means used by the Suffragette's actually dis benefit the movement and make them an 'enemy of the cause' as shown in Bernard Patridges' cartoon for Punch magazine in 1906?Oh and also, what was the common view of the Suffragette's actions from the general public at the time and also from the Suffragist's themselves, did they support the route the Suffragette's were taking to be granted the women's vote?Many thanks, I'm just preparing myself for a History coursework and want to stock up on information about the Suffragette movement and can't find any simple views or answers online.

People often ask - What did you think of the new Alice in Wonderland?
Here is the answer: Here is my opinion of the new movie but I'm curious to hear other comments and opinions as well.I am a huge fan of the original Alice in Wonderland movie. I saw the new movie and it was enchanting for some of the same reasons. Of course the graphics were amazing but the graphics in most movies now days are. It seemed to pick up where the old one left off- therefore, it was able to capture the creativity of the original movie while adding on a twist of itís own. Taking one of Americaís most beloved movies of all time and altering it in any way is risky business but I think they pulled it off well.Director Tim Burton worked magic once again but I was surprised that it wasnít more dark and twisted like most of his films. For the story to be based around imagination and madness, I definitely thought it could have been just a tad bit more mad. The acting was for the most part well casted. Mia Wasikowskaís real life version of the cartoon Alice was somewhat different than I imagined her, but she played the part well. Johnny Depp was brilliant as usual. Depp has the ability to transform himself in such a way that I am convinced all of his many unique characters are real life people somewhere. The casting directors made a huge blunder by casting Ann Hathaway as the White Queen. She parades around with her arms bent upward with her hands up by her shoulders in almost every single shot she is in. I assume this posture she portrayed was her bizarre interpretation of a benevolent and graceful queen but I found this over acted role to be very monotonous, irritating and a bit comical, which is definitely not good if you aren't aiming to be funny. Hathaway is a good actress but this roll was not for her.I liked the way Alice was torn between the pressures of society and the world of fantasy inside her mind. I think the story reaches people on a personal level, though most probably donít realize or even comprehend all of the beautiful metaphors tied into this story. The whole concept of the story parallels struggles that we have faced or will face at some point time in our lives. It takes on the belief that not everything in life has to make sense, when in fact most things donít. Being able to let go of inhibitions and be a little mad sometimes is a gift given to each of us if we just have the guts to use it. The story reminds us of how we would love to escape and be free from societies traditions and taboos, how we would love to let our thoughts and ideas, our what ifís and how comes and our deepest visions and dreams be exposed. There is an Alice in us all that longs to be heard. This story conveys the message that we must be brave enough to think freely and speak up. Of course there will be opposition and uproar. There will be challenges, obstacles and dragons to slay, as Alice found to be true. You must face your dragon and slay it in order to find the Alice deep within yourself, the person you were born to be. They may call you mad but all of the best people are.

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