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With G-Force about to burst on to the big screen, were devoting this episode to the fantastic 3D experience. Looking over 2009 Disney Digital 3D films, Bolt, Jonas Brothers 3D concert experience and lots more to come.

Frequently asked questions : Have you been to disneyland? which one? favourite ride?
The answer is: I think Disney Land is the one in Florida... I have been there 2 times.. My fav ride is space mountain and the buzz light year ride.

It started with a man named Pat Powers who negotiated a one year distribution deal with Disney in which Powers would pay Disney Brothers Productions 2, 500 per Mickey Mouse cartoon and would receive 10% of the gross earnings. Ub Iwerks continued to be the lead animator for Mickey Mouse and worked long hours, with several other artists, in order to get cartoons made so that Powers could sell them. During these long sessions, Iwerks often received the brunt end of Disneys anger and frustration. The situation deteriorated further when Powers failed to deliver full payment to the Disney Brothers Productions, claiming that expenses were eating it all. This frustrated Disney more and the tension was showing. For Iwerks, the job was less enjoyable. And now Iwerks had a secret that would break his bond with Disney forever.

People often ask : Do you need an I.D. to get into Disneyland?
We think that- rumors had it that now in days you need some kind of school identification in order to get into dineyland, is it true? If it is what happens if you don't have one?

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I love Disneyland!!!!! It truly is the happiest place on earth! They always keep the park in amazing shape, the staff is helpful and friendly and the rides are safe and fun. I was a little disappointed that a few rides where closed like the Matterhorn and Mr. Toads wild ride, but all and all I had a great time. I wrote a post on my trip with picture if you want to see more.

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