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Many people ask - Which disney pixar movie is your favorite?
The answer is: which one is your favorite?

The Disney productions has given the Illuminati the cover to bring together Illusionists, magicians, and special effects artists without anyone being suspicious. Some of these men were able to apply their talents toward programming children. As an example of their talents, Disney special effects artists were able to create 16 realistic-looking cadavers for the 1989 film Gross Anatomy.

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Yes, the image of Disney has been that its cartoons are wholesome. No wonder Illuminati mind-control programmers have laughed at how naive the American public is toward Disney. The Disney Gargoyles cartoons are a television series that is pure demonology. The story line is that a race of demons protects New York City. One of the Gargoyles is even named Demona.

This is a mixture of questions covering a vast variety of Disney films. From The Lion King to Monsters Inc to Meet The Robinsons. Look for the interesting info after the questions!

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