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Heres my list of the top ten Disney movies with princesses, in no particular order. An excellent movie collection for any little girl.

Popular questions : In elementary school, did you fight over which character you would "be" in a movie?
Here is the answer- throughout all of elementary school, we watched disney movies each day, at snack time, before and after school, etc. the highlight of the videos was claiming a character. we would sit around the tv, and the first time our favorite character came onscreen we would loudly shriek "i call cinderella/meg/mulan. i'm her!!!!" whoever yelled this first got to be the character. we then spent the rest of the day pretending to be our claimed character. this occurred for several years. was this some weird quirk among me and my group of friends, or was this common elementary school practice?

Walt Disney World is the happiest place on Earth. It is going to be an even happier place for 1 million people in 2010 as Disney will giving away free one day

If you havent been before, or not for a while at any rate, here are some useful tidbits of information: Disneyland is 20 miles south of downtown, right off I-5 in the city of Anaheim, and you can see the Matterhorn ride from the freeway. The park is open daily at least 10 am to 6 pm, including winter weekends; in summer, it remains open until midnight. Admission to the park includes all rides, with discounts for extended visits, and tickets are cheaper for kids under 12. For further park details, including opening hours, call Disneyland 714-781-7290.

Popular questions - Important People between 1850-1950?
Here is the answer- My homework is to do a kind of collage on a person who did important work during 1850 and 1950 and I need a little help on finding people. Right now I only have 3 people and one person sadly doesnt count1) Stan Lee- Captain America was made in 19412) Walt Disney- Snow White was released in 19373) Hugh Hefner- Playboy started in 1953 (so he probably wouldnt count)can you lovely yahoo answwer people help me find my last 7 or 8 people?

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