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PassPorters Disneyland Paris contains a number of interactive worksheets designed to help you plan different aspects of your vacation. For example, you can track your spending using the Budget Worksheet, map out a plan for seeing the parks using the Touring Worksheet, or scribble down the mementos youre seeking on the Souvenirs Worksheet.

So our boys in arms are off in Europe and the Pacific killing Hitler, and what does Disney decide to show the kids at home? Not one but two movies that teach them its okay to not speak American, that its okay to use fancy Spanish words instead like caballero, amigo, and three. It might be okay to expand your horizons or become bilingual as its essential to succeed in an increasingly globalized world community during times of peace, but during times of war its important that we watch only those movies that depict Americas great cultural heritage, like learning the ideas of Albert Einstein or celebrating technical achievements like the zeppelin.

Many people ask - What was your favorite disney channel original movies?
We think that: And im talking about the good ones...for me they stopped being good mid 2003. I like brink susie q and the paper brigade

People often ask : Top 20 favorite disney songs?
Here is the answer- Please put the song and the movie. Also, don't put non disney music. Number them 1-20 (1: favorite, 20: less favorite) Mine are1) You'll Be in My Heart- Tarzan2) I'll make a Man out of You- Mulan3) Part of That World- The little Mermaid4)A whole new World- Aladdin5)won't say i'm in love-Hercules6)forget about love-the return of jafar7)colors of the wind-pocahontas8)just around the riverbend-pocahontas9)Something there-Beauty and the Beast10)True to your heart-Mulan11)He Mele No Lilo-Lilo and Stich12)Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride-Lilo and Stich13)He Lives In You-Lion King 214)Reflection-Mulan15)Hakuna Matata-Lion King16)GO the Distance-Hercules17)Why Should I worry?-Oliver and Company18)Two WOrlds-Tarzan19)You've got a friend in me-Toy Story20) I just can't wait to be king-Lion King

Frequently asked questions - Why do friendships hurt so much?
We think that- I remember having so much happiness with friends as a child. I still need that happiness with friends,but it's not the same. I'll have happiness with friends for awhile, then all of a sudden, they're upset with me and stop talking to me. I'm left hurt, and not understanding what I did to make them feel that way. Even though I've been hurt like this by friends for years, for some reason I keep looking for more friends, hoping for happiness. If happiness doesn't come from friendships, then I guess you find it by being all alone. But I don't know how. Where's the happiness in going to Disneyland alone, or other places you enjoy? Friends cause hurt, loneliness causes pain. Any suggestions?

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Mickey Mouse Piano Solo - The Opry House (1929)

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