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Here is the answer: My husband and I are trying to plan a fun vacation for the children in our extended family. Their parents are all chipping in, but going on a seperate adults' vacation. Money isn't much of an issue, but we'd like to be wise *haha, like to be*. I have Googled and Asked Jeeves, but just keep getting garbage ads that don't have anything to do with what I want! What we are looking for: Disneyland and Seaworld at least, decent hotel prices, for at least four days, with children. If you have had good experience with any planning sites, or know of any that aren't just hotel ads, please give me links or names! Thank you so much!

Questions for new users - Whats your top 5 favorite Disney Songs?
The answer is: mine is5-I just cant wait to be king {lion king}4-Beauty and the Beast {u know the movie}3- Can you feel the love tonight {Lion King}2-Forget about love {the return of jafar}1-A whole new world {Aladin}

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Frequently asked questions - IT,S ..Mickey Mouse..birthday today he is 80 YEARS OLD... ?
The answer- what is you favourite disney character or movie thus far? ps.. dont get warner brothers cartoon characters mixed up with disney..bugs bunny is warner bros ... donald duck is disney.. so whats you fav? ..

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The answer- Okay I'm turning 14 this year (my birthday is coming soon) and I was wondering what I should do? I'm a girl and one of my ideas is going to the Ice Rink. But I need some more ideas to choose from! It can be something that I go to only (you know something like DisneyLand- another idea of mine) or something that I can invite some of my friends to. So does anyone have any good ideas? Thanks person with most options (or best idea(s)) will get Best Answer =]

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