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Many people are interested - I want to dedicate my life to this!?
The answer is: Im 15, and i have this BIG dream of working for Nickelodeon studios! I want to REVIVE Nickelodeon again and make it how it was Before it was ruined by all these terrible cartoon shows and bad actors! Only thing is i dont know how......I live in orlando, will this benifit me??

People often ask - Favorite childhood show / movie?
Here is the answer- Share your favorite childhood memories, I'm trying to think of some cartoons or just Disney movies/shows to watch and bring back memories :)

Frequently asked questions : Whats your favorite Disney Classic Movie?
The answer- Mines is...Alice in Wonderland (Love it!)

People often ask : Who is your favorite Disney character?
The answer is: Mine is Oswald

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Walt Disney - The Brave Engineer - 1950

We are Filipinos!!

Walt Disney's Sleeping Beauty Opening & Closing Scenes (1959)

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