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Many people are interested - Is California Screamin' at Disneyland intense?
Here is the answer: Ok, so i am going to Disneyland for the first time in a few days and i am really scared to go on california screamin. I have been on expedition everest at Disney World and loved it, but i am not sure if i could handle this ride. Is it worse than everest?Also is Soarin' bad? I went on it at Disney World, i opened my eyes for 5 seconds and the clouds on the screen freaked me out so i closed my eyes!!! I heard it has a motion sickness warning, is it really that bad? I am kind of scared of things with motion sickness warnings haha! (even though i dont really get motion sick) Thank you so much!!!

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The answer- Please help me rewrite this speech. I don't undestand the meanings of this speech. Please help me make it easier to undestand."It would take more time than anybody has around the daily news shops to think of the right thing to say about Walt Disney.He was an original- not just an American original, but an original, period. He was a happy accident- one of the happiest this century has experienced- and judging by the way it's been behaving in spite of all Disney tried to tell it about laughter, love, children, puppies and sunrises, the century hardly deserved him.He probably did more to heal or at least to soothe troubled human spirits than all the psychiartrists in the world. There can't be many adults in the allegedly civilized parts of the globe who did not inhabit Disney's mind and imagination at least for a few hours and feel better for the visitation.It may be true, as somebody said, that while there is no highbrow in a lowbrow, there is some lowbrow in every highbrow.

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This following Mickey short to be released was Mickeys Choo Choo, first released on June 20, 1929. As the title implies, Mickey is depicted as the engineer in charge of an unusually anthropomorphic locomotive. His only passenger seems to be Minnie, cast as a fiddle player for this short. At some point Mickey loses control of the locomotive. Clarabelle has another brief appearance as a cow running out of its way. It was soon followed by Mickeys Follies, first released on June 26, 1929. The short featured a barnyard show including various numbers. A female pig singing opera is considered to be Patricia Pig making her only animated appearance. She would be a recurring character early in Mickeys comic strip series. But the short is more notable for Mickeys main act. It has Mickey singing Minnies Yoo Hoo for the first time. This humorous little song is considered to have a historical importance of its own. For one thing the guy they call little Mickey Mouse for the first time addresses an audience to explain that he has Got a sweetie who is Neither fat nor skinny and proudly proclaims that Shes my little Minnie Mouse. For another this would serve as the new theme song for the series. The music to the song was written by Carl Stalling and the lyrics by Walt Disney. Finally, animation historians have pointed that it seems to be the first song with original lyrics created by Walts studio.

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We think that: What is your all time favorite Disney movie??

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