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Questions for new users - Is almost five years old to young to go to the Taylor Swift Concert!?
We think that- My daughter turns 5 in October and the concert is in august. Taylor Swift has been her favorite singer since she was 3 and she knows most of her songs word for word. I love her too!! What are your thoughts.. My worries are the loudness and crowds on top of her being crushed if she cannot meet her face to face.. Thats what happend at the disney live concert last year it broke he rheart she couldnt meet the characters... What do you think..

Frequently asked questions - Does anyone have a good Ghost story?
We think that- A few years ago i was working a nuclear plant outage in Mississippi. I had planed on renting a house from the friend of a friend in Port Gibson with some other workers but the house had already been rented. She told me her brother who taught school in Vicksburg had a couple extra rooms and would be willing to let them out, so i gave him a call and i went over to check it out. It was one of the older Victorian homes in town.We agreed on a price and after paying the first weeks rent my new landlord kinda grinned and said " You know i guess i should tell you, some people think this house is haunted. In fact my girl friend says, she saw a ghost, though I've never seen one myself. " We both had a good little laugh over that,,,Inside the house was a breezeway, hallway, running the full length of the house. We shared the kitchen which had a door leading off the hallway with a bath at the end of the hall and my bedroom off to one side of the hall.My bedroom was so cool with a fireplace and a huge mirror above it. A really nice four poster bed. Twelve foot ceilings and a full, floor to ceiling window with velvet draperies complete with tassels, and a hardwood floor with braded rugs.Time rocked on for a couple weeks and still no ghost. There was a computer in the hallway with a Walt Disney Micky Mouse animated screen saver that ran all the time and acted as a pretty good night light.One evening about two or three weeks into the outage i woke up on a Saturday night around 11:30 and had to go to the bathroom. I jumped out of bed and headed down the hall and just as i got even with the kitchen door it opened and my landlord stepped out into the hall with a wine glass in his hand and a shriek on his face. He jumped back with a yelp and i jumped back looking behind me dreading what kinda horrible apparition might be back there but to my relief there was nothing. You see after a few weeks in the nuke plant with no sun and my gray hair, wearing nothing but my white Fruit of the Looms, i was the Ghost! ~ : )

Popular questions - Why does the Religion & Spirituality section exist?
We think that- Seriously, NOTHING comes out of this section except hatred, insluts, and death threats. Every "question" that is posted here is a rip on someone's beliefs, and the person persucting.... sorry, ASKING the question has absolutely no remorse for how offended he/she's intentionally making everyone feel. Freedom of speech is wonderful and all, but as long we we're going to have Yahoo! moderators in here, why can't they just delete the obviously offensive questions/answers?I recently asked a VERY serious question about why the muslim community would cause an uproar over the appearance of one Muhammad cartoon, but not another? THAT question was asked for the task of gaining knowledge and understanding. Everything else in here, it seems, exists strictly for the purpose of pissing of anyone who's even REMOTELY religious in anyway.To conclude, I say this section should either be removed, or the moderators need to change their rules on what gets to stay posted and what shouldn't.

Many people are interested - Favorite OLD disney channel original movie?
The answer- Jumping Ship, I was OBSESSED with that movie!2. Mom's Got A Date With a Vampire3. Rip Girls4. Halloweentown, those first two were like my getaway from the world5. A Ring of Endless Light (too sweet)I would honestly say, most of the old Disney Channel movies are way better than the garbage coming out these days. Its all bubble-gum pop movies with stars who think they can sing, but really can't.

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