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People often ask : Answer this riddle. Correct/closest answer wins?
We think that: Kobe, Shaq, and LeBron are in a hot air balloon about 1000 feet off the ground. The hot air balloon starts to sink, and they decide to throw one person out. Each of them makes an argument in attempt to save himself.Kobe says: "Without me, the NBA loses it's number one jersey seller and it's best scorer. Besides, once I die, you'll have the whole city of L.A., the most populous city in the country, along with millions of my fans in China, raging against the league."LeBron says: "Kobe, old man, be quiet. I'm the face of the league. You know I will be better than you when I'm 28. At 22, I led my team into the NBA finals, something neither of you has done. I will be the next Michael Jordan. You guys couldn't possibly throw out the league's next Jordan."Shaq says: "You know perfectly well that I could throw you both out and float away to Disneyland. Well, I'm the NBA's biggest marketing magnet. People pay bucketloads of cash to see me play 5 minutes a game and listen to my

Frequently asked questions - Cartoons teach children: that people who wear glasses are blind without their glasses? Agree or Disagree?
We think that- Have you ever seen the cartoon shows Scooby-Doo and the Rugrats? In both of those tv shows (cartoons) are characters that wear glasses. There are episodes in those shows that where a character loses his/her glasses, and the character is on his/her knees and hands feeling for their glasses. Then they make the character brag how he/she can't see without his/her glasses.Yes, there are some people who are near blind without glasses in real life, but I feel that cartoons are trying to teach children that people who wear glasses are blind without them. What do you think of this?

Tarzan is one of the first Disney movies in years to actually be appropriate for the whole family. Impressive all round and this one for once its safe to say it! is one of wholesale disney dvds for all the family that you can watch time and time again! You should definately be taking the magic home!

Many people are interested - Does anybody know if Vallejo's Discovery Kingdom's Kodak service is good?
The answer is- I heard from friends that Kodak uses good high quality paper and ink for their prints and that it is worth it ... but that was about 5 years ago at Disneyland. I'm planning a trip to Vallejo's Discovery Kingdom and wondered if anybody has had any pictures taken or bought any and if it is worth it.Also I know that in that park you can also feed a Dolphin, but I heard that there might be a new policy where only Kodak photographers will be allowed to take your picture (this is actually the reason the picture thing is a concern for me).

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