City of characters from the wonderful animated Walt. : Parking fees at disneyland, Disney robin hood colouring.

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Disney Pixars Up is the first movie which they have created using 3D technology. The 3D effects are used to enhance the story telling and visual impact of the movie. 3D so rarely works and can be distracting but of course Disney Pixar takes the technology for this movie to a whole different level. Wall-s was stunning in its visual images but Up takes this to an even higher level.

We just took a trip to Disneyland with our 2.5 and 4.5 girls and had the same questions as you, which I wish I would have asked before I went. The Portofino and Fairfield are the closest and I would probably stay there next time. They would be close enough to come home for a rest mid-day. We stayed down the street at the Holiday Inn and it really was too far to walk for little legs and the shuttle was very inconvenient and adds up in cost. Although the two hotels you mention are across the street, it is still a long walk to the park entrance, especially after a long day at Disneyland, but the shuttles wont do you any good. We ended up renting strollers at Disneyland they have great comfortable strollers that you dont have to worry about being taken or losing when youre on rides and just carrying our kids on our shoulders to and from Disneyland. The other option would be to bring your own stroller, but I would make sure its an old one that you wouldnt be sad to lose, just in case. Food is very expensive and not that great, so bringing your own is a good option. Also, take advantage of the Fast pass and the parent swap passes to get on the best rides. We had an awesome time and cant wait to go again. Have fun! loves Disneyland

Frequently asked questions : What is your opinion and rating on these Disney Channel shows?
The answer is: Here are my opinions. By the way on some I couldn't think of much to say. I'm not a critic! Ratings are 1-10. 10 is the highest and I will put my rating b/f the show name10- Braceface- I love this show so much but I'll bet a lot of you don't remember it.8- Life with Derek- i don't much to say about this but I enjoy it10-Lizzie McGuire- A very good show that shows realistic teenage problems. I love this show and Hilary Duff is such a good actress.9-That's So Raven- This show is fun to watch and the characters are likable. I was never that into this show but I do really like it just not as much as some others.10-The Suite Life of Zack and Cody- This is one of my favorite Disney shows. The twins are so cute and hilarious.7-The Suite Life on Deck- I liked this show a lot for the first couple seasons but then they started to run out of ideas and the breakup between Bailey and Cody was dumb. I still like it it just got to the point that it wasn't worth watching as much.8-Kim Possible- I like it a lot. It is funny sometimes and is really fun to watch.10-American Dragon: Jake Long: This is my favorite Disney show ever. I love dragons so that may contribute but this show is just so well done. I think the Jake and Rose love story is the best plot a Disney show has ever had. I like that they were enemies and were fighting each other but still dating and they both didn't know it while the audience does. My only complaint is that the art sucked in the 2nd season.10-Lilo and Stitch: the Series: This is another one of my favorite Disney shows. It was fun to watch and I love Stitch so much! This show is only bad compared to how amazing the first movie was.7-Hannah Montana- I loved this show as a kid but now I'm not as into it. It does have funny parts and it is a good show just not the best show. It doesn't deserve all the hate it gets.7-Wizards of Waverly Place- I love Selena Gomez but this show seems to have gone downhill a bit. However, nowadays it is the best show on Disney channel b/c the new stuff isn't very good.6-Phineas and Ferb- Fun the first few episodes but then got a little to weird for me. It isn't bad I just don't like it much.3-Shake It Up- Boring, but they have nice outfits!4-Good Luck Charlie- Mia (the girl who plays Charlie) is so cute! Bridget Mendler and Jason Dolley are both good actors but I don't like this show.2-Fish Hooks- Really weird but not as bad as it looksI know this is a ton to read so I'll bet you didn't even read it! You definitely don't have to write as much as I did or on all these shows if you don't have an opinion on them. By the way if I didn't list a show you like I'm sorry it either means I forgot about it or haven't seen enough episodes of it to have an opinion on it.

Questions for new users : I know this is extremely weird but...?
Here is the answer- Yesterday I saw a really cute movie, that was really funny and is now one of my favorite movies, even though it's a kids movie. But I won't go into details.This is the weird part, it left me feeling empty inside. Like my heart was empty. Not sad though, just devoid of any feelings except for really enjoying the movie. I felt, unaccomplished. That's not the only time it's happened. It used to happen a lot. Especially with Disney movies. And I've noticed it's mostly movies that are cartoons and have a meaning to them. Movies that are like Wall-E and Up. And Peter Pan used to do it too... Lots of movies like that, not movies that are just like, say, Shrek.Is this normal? Am I one of the only people to feel like that?

He became the cartoonist for the school newspaper, drawing patriotic topics and focusing on World War I. Despite dropping out of high school at the age of sixteen to join the army, Disney was rejected for being underage.

rather, Jacob Covey s lovely cover design thereof. The area on the left will be faux cloth, while the right side will be uncoated paper much like our Walt Disney s Mickey Mouse books. 500 Portraits should be available in about 3 months, give or take a couple weeks.

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