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People often ask - I'm going to disneyland tomorrow and I wanted to know if you have to be a certain age to buy a annual pass.;I'm sixteen. I also have to buy one for my little brother. And if you could tell me if there is still vmk stuff to do at disneyland?Well thank you for your answers.

7. Stay in a Disney resort. Although the nightly rate might be higher and in some cases, considerably higher than you would get at an off-site hotel, the proximity makes it worth the extra money, mainly because you won t have to rent a car. There are three levels of resorts, grouped according to price: value, moderate the deluxe. We always stay at one of the deluxe resorts, although they cost more, because three of them the Grand Floridian, the Polynesian and the Contemporary offer access to the monorail system, and convenience is very important to us at our age. We like the Polynesian best, because the rooms are bigger than any others; the complex is spread out and thus the rooms are quieter; and the resort is right next to the ticket and transportation hub, which means better access to Epcot and the other parks. The other two deluxe resorts Wildnerness Lodge and Animal Kingdom Lodge are not on the monorail, but are beautiful in fact, my husband would prefer Wildnerness if it were on the monorail. Moderate and value resorts depend largely on the bus system for transportation around WDW, but all are very nice, and the value resorts especially will fit a modest budget. Early booking is a key to getting a less expensive room!

I need to just buy Tangled. It s my favorite Disney film to date following Alice in Wonderland and Little Mermaid I work with a guy who we all swear was the model for Flynn Rider and he was the one who encouraged me to watch Tangled in the first place. There are some nights where we just have a running repertoire of Tangled lines and jokes. Everybody thinks we re nuts. So, thanks Disney now I m going to think it s all going to turn out like it does in the movies, right?

Many people are interested : Whered all the good cartoons go?!?
The answer is: Gah I'm 22, I'm a dork, I admit it, I like to watch cartoons. But gah... Okay I remember cartoons were actually good. The animation was good, the storylines werent THAT bad. But watching cartoons with my lil cousins, WHAT HAPPENED?! The art SUCKS, look at umm what is it the Billy and Mandy? Fairly Odd Parents, that American Dragon thing? Its like the writers are like "Lets make the stupiest, most idiotic thing we can do and see if kids buy it." Its all poor low quality! Amd while I'm on the subject, why hasnt there been any animated Disney movies anymore? Ya'll remember how PRETTY Lion King was? Or Aladin? Is it cheaper to make the movies on the computer? Or does it take less time? I dunno, CGI is okay, but I just want my old school art back, gah... I sound like my grandparents..honestly. Anyway I just want the fad to be over with. What do you guys think?

Many people are interested - Why is rap and video games always to blame?
The answer: I agree that both can be a PART of the problem with violence but why are they always the ones to blame? What about all the violent movies? What about rock music and all of its forms(seeing how most serial killers, spree killers, and suicides listen to this type of music)? What about country music? Why are we praising icons that are really killers such as cowboys? Pilgrims? America as a whole(really most countries)?I mean, violence has been around since the beginning of mankind, long before technology, long before rap music, long before Grand Theft Auto, long before Lil Wayne, so why are they taking ALL of the heat?We grew up playing with guns, pretending to be cowboys and shooting the indians, or being cops and shooting the bad guys. We watch cartoons that are horrible if you think about it but they are considered classics and never will be touched. (Popeye always smoking, Looney Tunes gun violence, explosives, smoking, same with the Disney side etc etc)I have been listening to rap for 25 years yet I do not own a gun, never been in a fight, don't droop my pants, don't sell drugs, never wanted to kill someone. I played violent video games all my life yet I don't have the urge to run over pedestrians or go on a shooting spree. All my favorite shows and movies are dark and murderous but I can't imagine stabbing, raping, dismembering people.So why do we always take the easy way out? Parents can never blame themselves for how their kids act. Individuals can never take the blame for their action. The environment that they live in isn't the problem. It's only rap and video games problem.And again, yes there are people who act the way they do because of rap and video games but they are not the only things to blame.

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