City of characters from the wonderful animated Walt. : Picture of disney pluto, Disney princesses colouring sheets.

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Popular questions - Need help planning my american trip(where who how much Etc..)?
We think that- Hello hello :)My partner and myself are planning to travel from Sydney Australia to America most probably in 2012 Ė 2013 (depending on our wedding date.. and work lol) hehe planning to go for about 3 weeks maybe just over.. the holiday will most likely end up being our honeymoon :) so yeh.. We will about 22-23 at the time, once again depending on when we go..OK.. so I wanted to know where we should travel to and thru America? What kind of price range would we be looking at for nice hotels in different areas? What time is the best to goÖ..all that stuff :) Food isnít a worry.. We eat everything and anything so Iím not worried about where to eat..Basic outline of what we want to do is Ė History, shop, fun (Disneyland) then relax (beach?)I tell you all the things we want to do/see etc..I want to see the statue of libertyWant to see Lincoln statue ( But is there anything else to do in DC)My partner wants to eat a Texas steak LOL ?? (what else can we do in texas?)Also in Texas there some supra meet? Does anyone know what months this is?(boys and their toys!!We both want to do a lot of shopping for clothes and shoes!! Weíre not really into high end clothes.. BUT I do like shoes and handbags, and would like to get some nice statement pieces..Iím dying to go to forever 21 and SephoraGo to the Monterey Bay AquariumWould like to go to Tiffany and Co.(So expensive here un AUS) and get a few things for my selfWant to go to Disney land and stay there for about 3 or 4 days (how much would that cost approximately?)Want to stock up on MAC makeup so not sure if I do that at sephora or if they have there own shop?I also reaallllly want to go to some sort of huge candy store!! With all American candy and stuff.. (hah aim such a child)Then after allll of that Iím thinking either Hawaii OR Fiji.. for about 5-6 days?Do you think all ths is possible? In just 3 or so weeks?How much are hotels in America? And how long and how much $$ are flights from state to state? Roughly?Iím so sorry this is so long.. buts its hard to condense it all hahaThanks in advance :)PS im really wanting genuine answers with good details.. (doesnít mean it has to be an essay like my question) hehe

What follows is an objective, and mostly positive, account of one familys visit to Walt Disney World. If you are the type who is outraged by even the mildest criticism of anything Disney, you are advised to proceed with caution.

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Disneyland is a place for everyone, and at Disneyland, they have thought of everything including the babies. The Disneyland Baby Center is located on Main Street, behind the Plaza Inn. This is not a babysitting service. Instead, it is a place where you can attend to your babies needs.

Frequently asked questions : Poll: Who's your favorite Disney character?
The answer- Cartoon- Winnie-the-PoohLive- Mary Poppins

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