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Attendees at this weekend s D23 Walt Disney Studios presentation were treated to artwork and trailers on many highly anticipated upcoming movies and some brand new projects. One of the exciting tidbits shared with us was a

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We think that- here is the information for it: SUMMER REPERTORY PRODUCTIONSDisney’s High School Musical 2July 31, August 1, 2, 4, 6, 8 & 9Book by David Simpatico. Songs by Matthew Gerrard and Robbie Nevil,David N. Lawrence and Faye Greenberg, Randy Peteren and Kevin Quinn, Jamie Houston, Brian Louiselle, Andy Dodd and Adam Watts, Antoniana Armato and Tim JamesMusic Adapted, Arranged and Produced by Bryan LouiselleBased on a Disney Channel Original Movie Written by Peter BarsocchiniIt’s summer vacation for the Wildcats: the responsibility of jobs versus fun and free time! Troy and Gabrielle hope to have a great summer together, but Sharpay is just as determined to have Troy all to herself, so she pulls strings and tells the manager of her father’s Lava Springs Country Club to hire Troy at all costs. He does, but the cost is hiring half the school along with him, including Gabriella as the pool lifeguard! All your favorite characters plus a few new ones sing and dance in the Lava Springs Talent Show, learning the difficulty and benefits of “all for one and one for all!Sleeping BeautyAugust 1, 5, 7, 9By Charles WayOnce upon a time… ah, not this time. This sleeping beauty, Briar Rose, is an independent, in-your-face kind of princess whose half-witted half-dragon has ‘always got her back’. Enter the Prince, of course, and you’ve got one zany tale to tell. This is a great modern twist on an old family classic.Summer Repertory Theatre AuditionsCast Needs: 30-40 teens ages 14-19- Singers, Actors, Dancers to be cast in the Summer Repertory Troupe!Preliminary “Summer Rep Star” auditions will be held at locations around the area!Days and Times to be announced Feb. 1st!Selected artists from each Preliminary round above will get a “golden ticket” to the Audition Finals at GRCTFINALS: May 11 & 12, 2008.Finalists will be required to send a theatrical resume, plus- All auditionees must prepare 16 measures of a song and bring sheet music to auditions. An accompanist will be provided.- All Auditionees must prepare a one-minute memorized monologue- All Auditionees will have an interview with the technical staff- All auditionees must participate in a group dance audition.

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Once the media spent some time riding Tours, it finally officially opened to the throngs of guests who had waited ever so patiently in the Hub for their time to ride. And ride they did! By noon, the queue for Star Tours had reached almost four hours, zig-zagging back and forth throughout the Hub, along side Plaza Inn and the Corndog Cart on Main Street before finally snaking into Tomorrowland. The hot June sun beat down on fans with intergalactic hairdos, wookie backpacks, and even some wearing full Jedi robes. But that didnt deter any high spirits these men and women were on a mission! It was a great morning and everyone had a wonderful time experiencing Star Tours proving ultimately, its all about the talent of the Imagineers and the enthusiasm of the guests that make Disneyland magic not celebrities or executives making an appearance.

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