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Frequently asked questions - Help with some Disney questions?
Here is the answer- I had a list of 100 questions and here are some. I couldn't find their answers. Please tell me your source so I can verify the answer. Any answer is welcome. Answer how many questions you know but please write the number at the beginning. Big TY!Disneyland Questions (ALL THE DISNEYLANDS around the world, not only the one from Paris)1.How many unhappy haunts are located in the Haunted Mansion?2.Who took the last ride on the Skyway attraction at Disneyland before it closed in 1994?3.In Fantasmic! at Disneyland paris, what Disney villain takes over the Columbia?4.Who is gonna be the mane event?5.What is the highest point at Walt Disney World Resort?6. What year was Tomorrowland originally set to be? And why was it that planned to be that year?7. Where is Walt frozen?Movies Questions8.What was the first Disney live-action film with no animation?9.In the Aristocats, which kitten is an aspiring artist?10.Why cant Governor Ratcliffle dig for gold in Pocahontas?11.Where did Pocahontas premiere?12 Besides Aladdin, what other Disney character is referred to as a diamond in the rough?13. What was the first Disney animated feature to receive a PG rating?

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We think that- Im looking to find the cheapest deal to Paris during this time.It will be me and my boyfriend, and we will be travelling from London.We ideally want to be staying right in the heart of paris, as we want to visit the Eiffel tower, la louve and maybe disneyland. We would ideally like to stay for 3 nights.I have looked on lots of sites, but I get very confused when trying to look online, so my question is, can anybody find me a cheap deal please? The cheapest one wins the points!! So thank you in advance as I really need your help and it will be greatly appreciated.Thanks Jessxx :)

The Disneyland Resort may not be absolutely the Happiest Place on Earth we reserve that title for Washington, , but it truly is a wonderful and remarkable place. Sifting through the vast amounts of information on the web can be a daunting task, even if you are familiar with the place and its surroundings.

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Entertainment and recreation atthe Santa Fe is on the whole in rather short supply. A small games room attached to the Disney Paris gift shop provides a small variety of machines for children and young adults. The gift shop sells the standard souvenirs you would expect to find in all of the similar stores throughout the Disney resort.

in 1998. The Orange County Circuit Court jury deliberated about three hours Monday before agreeing with Walt Disney World Co. that the ride is not dangerous and that Disney was not negligent in running it. Wire Services

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