City of characters from the wonderful animated Walt. : Pictures of rides at disney world, Mickey mouse impact.

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Questions for new users - Requirements for Being a Character in Disneyland/world?
We think that- My cousin work at Disneyworld as Belle, and she wouldn't tell me anything about working there! I'm thinking of trying out for a character when I'm older. I'm 5'5, and won't be growing anymore (my doctor told me) so I was wondering if you have to be a specific height or look a certain way to try out for certain characters.Can you tell me the requirements for any female characters (princesses, tinkerbell, etc.) that do NOT use an enlarged head [don't know what they're called... ^_^"]?Thanks a lot~ :D

Frequently asked questions - Political cartoon idea for how a bill becomes a law?
The answer: I need to make a political cartoon for how a bill becomes a law for my history class. Any ideas?

Many people ask - For any nintendo fans. Super Smash Bros. 2 Ds?
We think that: I was thinking super smash bros. brawl and how nintendo spent most of their budget on the orchestras and the subspace emissary and intense graphics and didn't spend much time on the versus.So I wondered what people would think if they made super smash bros. 2 DS.I know they make smash once and let it soak in glory, but I think just for kicks and more millions they make smash bros. 2 DS.Here's my input on it. They don't have to have a huge base in making the game. Just focus on making versus the main thing.What would be cool instead of just a repeat of previous smashes, they could make a spin off by making multiple types of Smash cartridges and selling for $30ish each.For example there'd be smash bros 2 DS Super Mario, and smash bros. DS 2 Legend of Zelda. Since they would be making 6 different cartridges, they shouldn't go crazy with the graphics. They succeeded with that in brawl. They should make them better than the original, but give the game an original smash bros. feel to it. That's why I think "Super Smash Bros. 2 Ds" would be a suitable title for it, because it brings back the oldschool feel of smash. In brawl, the floatiness of it was cool, but the auto edge grabbing and floatiness made the game very.... I can't think of the word. Not bad, but I liked the heaviness of original smash and melee, and not grabbing the ledge if you're facing away. In brawl you can even fight each other hanging off the ledge which kind of sucked.There would be:Mario editionLegend of Zelda editionDK editionPokemon editionMetroid editionKirby editionI was thinking there'd be probably 6 default characters and 4 secret characters.Like for legend of zelda there'd be Link, Zelda/sheik(or to be cooler Zelda/Zelda with rapier she drops it that one scene), Ganondorf, King Bulblin, Midna(W/o Wolf), Ashei(Girl in link's little groupie team. The old one with the sword that is kind of sexy for a cartoon[she will definitely add to the rate which people buy it]), and on the windwaker side, Toon Link, Tetra/Young Zelda, Toon Ganon(He'll wield those two swords he fights you with) and Medli.Each game cartridge would have 10 characters based on popularity, and who would they think a bunch of 10-14 year olds would think is cool.I forgot to mention, each cartridge is completely compatible with each other. You can DS download play, Fight each other's cartridges, Each game goes to the same wifi, so if you are using a mario edition cartridge, you will still fight other people using the different editions.They should even make it so you can somehow transfer up to 4 characters from different cartridges to 1 cartridge, so you can use up to 4 of your favorites on 1 cartridge so it doesn't limit you to always switch cartridges to use the ones you like..Now, if nintendo DID make it exactly like this, would you buy at least 2 different cartridges? That's several million dollars they would be making.So final thought. Don't go crazy with music or graphics, or 1 player mode, focus on versing, character coolness, and wifi fights.Your thoughts?ps- if any nintendo employers run by this, run this idea to some of the upper people. I see nintendo can make millions off this idea.

She ll look adorable in this Disney Minnie Mouse costume ! Your little one will get lots of treats wearing this cute girls Minnie Mouse? costume.

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