City of characters from the wonderful animated Walt. : Pirates of the caribbean attraction disneyland, Disney game studios.

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Popular questions - Who is your favorite Disney character?
Here is the answer: I don't know my favorite. I kinda like them all.

This movie took us on a magic carpet ride that taught us about friendship and faith, while giving us a good chuckle thanks to Robin Williams. With some of the best hand drawn animation that Disney every put out, this is one of the most memorable movies of all time.

Frequently asked questions - We are going to eurodisney half board would you recommend reserving tables before how do i choose where ill be?
Here is the answer: we are going to disneyland paris in june 4 adults and 3 childrenin the brochure it says that we do not have to reserve places to eat but the travel agent said that we mustwe have never been before so do not know where to go to eathow will i know where i will be on each day as they are asking us to book the tables even before we leave england for our 5 day holidaywhat would you recommendthanks for your helpxxx vici

Frequently asked questions - Girls: Next Weekend I'm going to Disneyland?
The answer is: and I want some suggestions on what pair of comfortable cute shoes can I wear??? Please I want them to be cute and comfortable any ideas??? If you have one Please Help, Thanks

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