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People often ask : I'm taking a video of my best friend's surprise disneyland tirp?
Here is the answer: wanna film her reaction, which is tomorrow, sunday. i was wondering how i could make it so that it's very interesting to everyone. . . well i can't make everyone happy, so to most people :)you don't have to read this part, but disneyland is a big part of my friend's life. her father past away 2 years ago, and he really loved disneyland. she hated it for the first year, because it hurt her to think of it. now she's starting to realize, i think, that her dad wouldn't want her to hate something because of the tragedy . . . she went in december with her mom, and she hasn't been on half the rides ever. not because she's scared, i think it's more because she wants to go on the rides her and her dad went on . . . and we're going monday, and i'll tell her tomorrow so it doesn't hit her so hard. if she starts crying, i won't post it. but i wanna know how to make it memorable and sweet.i don't have money to really by anything for her, but i told her there was a hint i would give her, but it would give everything away. i was thinking to print out a picture of mickey, and put on the other side, "can you tell where we're going now?" or something like that. i would like to get a bracelet and put it in the little box and tell her, "try it on" and underneath the little cardboard it sits on, put a letter that says we're going to disneyland or just have the pic of mickey and the whole, "can you tell where we're going?"what do you think? again, nothing too expensive, please. thank you!

Disneyland was designed, built, opened and actually operated by the genius Walt Disney. The park opened in 1955 and has been visited by over HALF a BILLION visitors since then. It is the second most visited theme park in the entire world behind the Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom in Orlando Florida.

1950 saw the release of the evergreen Cinderella. Children worldwide know the Disney version of this story, and not many know the original way in which it was written. In fact during the fifties Disney released many hits that are still popular today, including Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan, Lady the Tramp and the lovely Sleeping Beauty.

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As the leaders of Walt Disney Worlds nightly Electrical Parade, Mickey and Minnie Mouse know a thing or two about live musical events. So its only natural that Disney has joined forces with MENC and the National Federation of State High School Associations NFHS to up the ante on school competitions.

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