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Many people are interested - Disneyland help ?
Here is the answer- Okay, so I'm going to Disneyland for the first time at the end of the year (I'm Australian, don't snap at me for never have going) and I'm just wondering, is it one of those theme parks where you pay to get in, then you have to pay for the rides separately when you get there, or are they included when you pay to get in?Sorry if this sounds absolutely stupid.

Frequently asked questions - Why is there such a wide divergence between anime/animation fans?
We think that- There seems to be a huge gap between fans of anime, fans of Disney, etc. I never did understand any of it. I like what I like, and I know that without Disney there would be no anime or a lot of other stuff. Sometimes really exaggerated anime style annoys me, and a lot of it is low budget and annoying. Then again, so is a lot of typical American Saturday morning cartoons. I personally am a fan of animation in general, and my dislike of Disney has more to do with the horrible treament of workers in the past (Walt himself could be quite nasty) and their business methods. Many of my favorite movies are animated, some by Japanese companies like Studio Ghibli, some by Pixar, Disney, Warner bros. and the like. What I never understood was why some people seemed to take one side or another, loving anime and hating disney or vice versa.

Frequently asked questions : How can I get a copy of an unregistered overseas marraige certificate?
Here is the answer- I'm really stuck on this one. My partner was married abroad (Cuba). He lives in the UK and is a British citizen. He needs a copy of his marraige certificate to get a passport for his daughter but he did not register the marraige certificate in the UK. We've tried contacting the hotel he got married in and also the office in the UK where you can obtain birth/death/marraige certificates but have had no luck with either. We're really stuck and wanted to take her to Disneyland Paris in August but the chances of us doing this now are looking very slim.Does anyone have any ideas?

Frequently asked questions - Please help! What is this movie?
We think that: It was on Disney channel years ago. it was about these two kids, a brother and sister, and their father. Their grandpa dies, and they have to go to his house to clear out his belongings, and these ghosts come. There is some ghost place out in the woods. In one part they catch one of the ghosts in a jar... it used to be my favorite movie,but whenever i ask someone about it, they don't remember what it is.

We pick a few of the best photos about once a week taken at the Disneyland Resort that you readers post to the OCR Around Disney Flickr group and feature them at, usually on Fridays.

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