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Frequently asked questions - Has anyone noticed that America tends to lump Asians as one race?
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Many people are interested - Buffalo Bill show - Disneyland Paris have you been?
The answer- We are going to Disneyland Paris over the Easter hols and can't decide if we should book for the Buffalo Bill show. It is only on for one and a half hours and will cost ?177 for the four of us.If you have been is it worth it?

Frequently asked questions - Is Tower of Terror losing popularity?
The answer- I had never rode the Tower of Terror at either parks because my Fiance' does not like elevators. I decided to go on it a month ago at Disneyland with a 16 yrs son of a friend. The park was pretty full but the line was only 12 minutes compared to 1 hour or more from years past. His comment (trying not to state his fear) was "That was not fun". I said I would never go on it again. A week ago we took some friends and their kids. Four of us went on and again the lines were very short in comparison to any other ride that day. Three out of four said they would never do that again. It seems that many people feel the same way if you go by the size of the lines. Scared the heck out of us. Not fun. The que area is cool to see though. All the blood rushing to your head and then to your feet can't be too healthy.

Video 8211; Top 7 124; Van 8217;s attempt to crank out one more podcast video from his last trip. You 8217;ll have to forgive the quality 8211; this footage was never filmed with the intent to be an episode, still, it should be fun. 124; Disney

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Frequently asked questions : Why am I cursed buy a bent fork?
We think that- Every time I go out to eat. It doesn't matter where it is. A 5 star restaurant, or Denny's. Even a buffet in Las Vegas, or at Disneyland. You would think a places like that where they have thousands, and thousands of forks. I all ways get the one fork that is bent. You would think by now I would look at the fork first. But no, I wait for the food, and stick it in my mouth. That's when I realize it is bent. It is all ways one of the two inside prongs. One is all ways sticking up. I am now thinking of taking my own fork when I go out to eat. Why does this happen to me? Did I kill someone in a past life with a fork, and this is my punishment? Is this a sign of something bigger. Or am I just very unlucky with forks.

Frequently asked questions - How much money do cartoon makers earn?
The answer: can you help and tell me how much money cartoon creators earn. for example how much money does the dude who makes adventure time make. Also is it a good job to get or is it easy to get? help please!!!!

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