City of characters from the wonderful animated Walt. : Princess castle in disney world, Map of walt disney world property.

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Frequently asked questions : Whats your favourite disney movie? (not animation cartoon)?
Here is the answer: I like the haunting hour, halloweentown, and a few more. do you know any like the haunting hour?

in almost all of the disney movies, there are little bits and pieces from others. if you look at hercules when he is posing for his painting on a vase thing, when he throws off his little animal skin thing, its scar s from the lion king skin. i don t really see why people are making a big deal from disney reusing characters and objects. i do however understand the sexual stuff but who really cares the movies were made so long ago.

Fantastic tips there Knkira and Keeks. I know Megan added a few of them in text that Rob may have skipped in the Disney Epic Mickey walkthrough videos, but I have added it all in there now.

Many people ask - Favourite Disney Movie ?
The answer is: Mine has to be sleeping beauty or the lion king.

Pixar makes movies, Disney distributes, advertises, and then takes a big cut of the money earned. Disney is a giant, greedy monkey on Pixar s back.

With a little creativity and so many Disney Princess bedding products and accessories that are available to purchase in stores today, you can make your very own wonderland for your little girls bedroom.

Questions for new users : Odd nostalgia, compulsion, and dissociation?
The answer: sometimes i can hear a song for the absolute first time, and i can almost sing along (in my head as if i know the lyrics), or its like i heard it before, even if its new and i dont like the genrebut more pressing and odd is thatsometimes i look out my window at the nights sky and have a mild desire to howl/roaror i see the small woods between the park and my yard(its about 20ft wide but follows the creek (~300 or so yards)and have a depressing almost mournful nostalgia, wanting to swing through the trees like an ape,i can even feel the fatigue in my arms,its like a memory without visualsthe only thing i can inaccurately compare it to is, like a "past life memory" of being some form of tree hopping sasquatchand then theres my dissociation, its kinda difficult to explain properly,its like sitting in a corner and watching everything unfold like an over-told being in a play and being given the wrong costume, and yet another characters scriptlike a super hero cartoon where a hero gets captured and their companions take many episodesto rescue them...but being the hero watching it all from the perspective of the overly enthusiastic 40yr old viewer who likes to explain why the plot twists are absurd and how it would have to occur to make it happen that way, and how poorly chosen all the characters powers are due to multiple and varying factorsassuming you've read all that id like to get opinions on what mental disorders, sub cultures,beliefs and lines of thinking could possibly explain this in depthdetailed responses apreciatednot as in a simple, some people believe in past lives or sasquatch,and some songs are remade cross genre and or generationim looking for more a, medical standpoint but think i might post in either the sociology or cultures sections to try to get info from that perspective as well

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