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Frequently asked questions - Need help in determining my comics value (mint condition).?
The answer- I have six comic books (all in mint condition) that I just realized I had. One is Donald Duck's "Secret of The Gothic Mansion". Another is The Partridge Family issue # 12 "Partridges Don't Lay Eggs". I also have Little Archie issue #88, Peter Pan issue #926, Josie and The Pussycats issue #63, and finally Walt Disney's "Scamp". Could anyone help me out in determining who and how much I could sell these for?

Frequently asked questions - Favorite Disney Princess Movie?
Here is the answer: mine has got to be Beauty & the Beast. i love the concept that beauty lies with in.whats yours?(:

Frequently asked questions - No God of war movie!?
Here is the answer: Ok theres a whole lot of people right now, especially the people who finished playing god of war ghost of Sparta, are saying that there should be a god of war movie. And they say Gerard butler or Vin disel should play as kratos, than they begin to make a whole list of cast for their fantasy actors and actress to play as athena, zeus, ares, ..etc.I say, For the love of GOD, please do not Promote a god of war movie, because lets face it, in the end they will regret it. NO1 CAN PLAY Kratos, plus they have to do his voice right.We have seen Doom, Prince Of persia, plus cartoon avatar series, and many more which have turned to live action movie, FAILED BIG AS TIME! Do get me started on Dragon ball Z.How can we, the gow fans and community people, gather around and save our favorite game, from being under catastrophe, and of course the calamity that would arise when it gets ruined by some phony *** director or producer who thinks he can make this en epic movie!All I want is Santa Monica and Sony and Ready at Dawn Studios just to keep making more god of war games. BUT NO ******* MOVIE!

Many people ask - How to make a tv cartoon like batman tas?
Here is the answer- like how would i even go about that?what if i wanted to make a batman cartoon when i'm older and i wanted to write and direct be in charge of the stories and art design(just like saying i want it to look like this but actually doing models). what do i have to go to school for ?basically i want to be in charge of the storylines and the whole direction the show would move in

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