City of characters from the wonderful animated Walt. : Rental house near disney world, Up disney review.

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I talked with a representative on live chat for a little while and got the answer to this one, because I was curious too. The disney movie club allows members to save time and money by not having to get the movies in the traditional way, like I said before. Additionally, there are often special promotions and deals that allow you to save even more money from using them.

Many people ask - What is youre favorite disney classic cartoon movie?
Here is the answer: example- peter pan alice in wonderland snow white cinderella etc.

People often ask : Is Marilyn Manson Completely Unoriginal? If so, why do you still like him?
The answer is: Can someone please help me figure out what makes people think marilyn manson is so unique and why in gods name do they like him?I mean for one thing his two different colored eyes i can think of another artist with two different color eyes who was first around back in the 1960's..... his name is david bowie. COINCIDENCE? i think not!What about self mutilation on stage... again someone else did that a long time ago.. iggy pop.. COINCIDENCE? I THINK NOT!and what about him on the stilts I know for a fact skinny puppy did that first.. so?? COINCIDENCE? I THINK NOT!are people just not realizing who the real artists are behind what manson has taken all his ideas from or am I missing something here? ok maybe some of my observations are a bit dated.. i dont think he does the stilt thing anymore etc.. etc.. but Its really bugged me for a long time and tonight I realized that he ripped off iggy pops night clubbing for the song the dope show... I dont understand?. cant people see that its all just a big scam? or do people really think hes actually talented/unique/creative.. when in fact all he has done is blatantly copy other artists.. and sell an image that he didn't even come up with in the slightest.. hes a rip off of ziggy stardust/davidbowie/iggy pop/ogre from skinny puppy and too many others to even name so how is he unique??!are people just unaware of the actual bands that actually are creative that actually came up with what marilyn manson is copying and people think are new exciting things or new controversy in music?and everyone says hes intelligent sure.. hes intelligent..intelligent like walt disney.. but selling the opposite... as manson uses mickey mouse ears as a mocking thing.. but wait a second he didnt even come up with that the artist helnwein did and manson wanted to use it and make people think it was his own original idea.. sure he never claims it was his idea in the first place.. but thats what he wants people to think.. that he is creative and coming up with these concepts when hes not!!! how is that intelligent or unique besides it as a business man getting people to think hes so original and controversial to sell albums woo! and you think you are so anti-establishment and unique too right? your feeding right into it just as bad as people listening to the jonas brothers or miley cyrus.. i mean hell david bowie did the androgynous character way before the dope show.. and you know what? the dope show might as well be a cover of iggy pops night clubbing.. someone needs to educate all the marilyn manson fans to discover the real artists behind manson's facade. Am I wrong? I mean I could be? But I just can't understand it.Sure artists take from each other all the time.. but the thing about manson is i can't seem to find a shred of originality in there at all so I cant figure out whats so appealing about him? I guess its whats exactly appealing about the other artists like bowie/iggy pop rebel type of rock star thing.. yea.. ok i get that i guess.. but honestly! why not listen to the real thing and forget this phony businessman looking to make a buck.. ugh... i dont get it!Sure I know its hard to come up with something unique now a days in music.. it seems its all been done.. its not easy.. ok thats true! I guess I am just a sad pathetic person waiting for some new rock revolution to come around.. since nothing new in music appeals to me.. and the whole scenester emo thing.. thats something else i dont get.. but thats for another question..thank you -from the stupid brain of a 23 year old who doesn't understand much of anything.

People often ask - What's your favourite Disney character?
The answer is- mine's eeyor

Add more Disney fun beyond the Theme Parks. This option provides a certain number of visits based on the length of your ticket. For each visit, you can choose one of the following: Disneys Typhoon Lagoon Water Park, Disneys Blizzard Beach Water Park, DisneyQuest Indoor Interactive Theme Park, Downtown Disney or ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex.

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