City of characters from the wonderful animated Walt. : Secrets of disneyland ca, Mickey mouse cartoon history.

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The Southern Baptist Convention voted Wednesday June 12, to urge its 16 million members to boycott the Walt Disney Companys theme parks, films, toys - all things Disney.

People often ask : What do you think about this -- female characters in childrens movies/shows?
Here is the answer: i recently watched bee movie and i was very shocked. worker bees are all females, and yet the majority of worker bees in this movie were males. i found an interview about it online and it said that the 'pollen jocks' were male to show how weak barry was compared to them. that made me freeze with anger. females cannot be stronger than barry? what message are they sending young girls? in school they learn worker bees are female, yet they see in a movie them being strong, tough males. this made me so mad!has anyone ever seen the nickelodean show 'back at the barnyard'? i saw an ad for it awhile ago and when i saw the cows with UDDERS (a.k.a - female parts) i was like "finally, nickelodean has a cartoon show with female protagonists" (i understand they now have one called the mighty b) but lo and behold, these udder sporting cows are MALES? this makes no sense! only females have udders! i thought that was especially twisted. i forbid anyone in the house to watch back at the barnyard because of this. it makes me very angry that male cows have udders in this show. call me crazy, but if they depseratly wanted these specific drawings, why not just make the cows female? there's a thought for ya!what are your opinions?

Questions for new users - The Anime Making process?
Here is the answer: hi there, i am interested in animation, but the flash animation i am learning here in india is ****. I want to learn how to make awesome cartoons like anime's, Anyone knows what process they follow to make an anime? I am sure they dont use Flash. It must be a frame by frame drawn, but i am not sure, someone help me.

Many people ask - Do you have a talent?
Here is the answer- I write good poetry.I'm really flexible. ( people call me anerexy or flexy)I think I can sing and my singling teacher says I'm an excellent singer and wants me to sing a solo when we go ot disneyland and this summer.I draw really good.My handwriting is admired by many people.Thar's it,.How anout you! Don't lie, I didn't!

The Consequences of Disney Anthropomorphism: Animated, Hyper-Environmental Stakes in Disney Entertainment. Femspec, 2006, Vol. 7 Issue 1, p51-65, 15p

Frequently asked questions : Disneyland yes or no?
Here is the answer: my family has planned a trip to Disneyland (our first time) and i heard it is closed due to the fires -( can anyone tell me if this is true or not? plus we will be traveling there from Monterey and i heard the highway 5 will probably be close if you have an answer it would be greatly appreciated :) thanks in advance

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