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Once again Disney s Animal Kingdom has wowed us with cuteness and impressed us with the power of conservation. A new 311 pound baby elephant joined the park s African elephant herd on Wednesday. Disney s team of animal care professionals play an important part in protecting this endangered species and a new calf will help sustain the elephant population.

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This week were talking with Tim Sampson from the RNR At WDW blog about one of Main Street s true hidden gems, The Harmony Barber Shop. Whether youre taking your child there for their first haircut or youre stopping in for a haircut and maybe even some Pixie dust yourself, this is a true Disney attraction that is not to be missed. Also this week, Tim Stenzle takes us back to the Main Street Cinema, this time for a review of G-Force, the blockbuster hit that took Harry Potter out of the 1 spot at the box office. In the news this week: Annual Passholders get a chance to stay in Cinderella Castle, Starabilias closes in Downtown Disneys West Side, a special invitation for Team Voicers heading out to Disneyland for the half-marathon, and much more. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.

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The Scotsman ; February 7, 2000; 529 words popular ride from Disneyland Paris to south-east parks operation at Disneyland Paris, will be bringing disastrous launch as Euro Disney in 1992. He joined Disneyland Paris in 1994 as one of a

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