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In the fourth quarter, attendance at Walt Disney World was down 11% from the prior year. Attendance at Disneyland was slightly higher than a year ago.

The Disneyland Resort is located in Anaheim, California, just off of the Interstate 5 freeway. If you are trying to get to the main parking at the Mickey Friends parking structure, take the Disneyland Drive exit and follow the signs to the parking garage. You ll also want to use this exit if you re going to one of the three on-property hotels. One exit farther south is Harbor Boulevard, which provides access to other area hotels.

Located near the entrance of the Disneyland Resort, by Matterhorn Mountain, Howard Johnson Plaza Hotel Anaheim Resort is an original Disney area hotel offering unique facilities such as seven acres of gardens and walkways, two large pool areas, a childrens pool and fountain feature themed as Speedys Sprayground.

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