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Of the released Walt Disney Animation Collection volumes, this volume is different in the fact that the past volumes featured shorts that had no dialogue a few did but many didnt. Mainly music and sound effects but with this volume, Mickeys Christmas Carol and The Small One are two fantastic animated Disney cartoons that have a touching storyline, beautiful animation and although more recent than the Silly Symphony shorts featured on previous volumes, they are definitely Disney classics!

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We think that- I never been to Walt Disney World before and I am planning to go there someday with my own kids. I wanted to know what are the best rides to get on at Disney World. My favorite Disney Cartoons are Pluto, Mickey, Stitich, Simba, Belle, Pooh Bear, Tigger, and Donald Duck. Who is your favorite disney person? I heard that Disney World has a Star Wars Ride and I want to get on it. My email is and you can send me pictures of Stitich, Simba, and Pooh Bear to my adress. What is the best roller coaster at Disney World? My best friend went to Disney World last year and she had a good time and she liked Space Mountain. What other fun rides are at Disney World? My favroite disney movies are Lion King, Toy Story 2, Fiding Nemo, Pirates of the Cabbariean Dead Man's Chest, Dumbo and Bambi. I am a 16 year old girl and I still love to watch Disney Cartoons. I wanted to know everything about disney world. Tell me everything about disney world. Peace, jedisara29

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You can makes friends and interact with Cinderella, Ariel, Snow White and Jasmine. Each Disney princess in the game has a different story and magical world that is waiting to be explored. As you create your own princess character, youll be able to choose dresses, accessories, hair, skin tone, eye color and even her name. With beautiful levels to explore and exciting adventure elements, this is one game sure to please the princess in you.

Questions for new users : Has anyone ever been to the mickey's trick or treat in disneyland can you buy food there and gifts?
The answer- I am going to California Adventure fore the Mickey's trick or treat are the stores open and are any rides open is it only california adventure or disneyland too. I am going this year I want to know if it is fun and do you get enough candy do you go to both parks to trick or treat or just one.

Questions for new users - Disneyland operator said they are not letting visitors stay at the Dream Suit who can I ask if thats correct?
We think that: I just called Disneyland (2 diff. times) at 714.781.7290 to ask regarding the Dream Suit. But they are not being very informative and all they asked me was if I was an employee, when I said No they said "its not for the public so we have no contact info. for you. It's only being used as a GreenRoom for our VIP guests" I have a special situation & I would really love to talk to someone regarding the possiblity of letting us stay at the Dream Suit. I know that if I talk to the right person I could maybe have them cooperate with us. I JUST DONT KNOW WHO TO ASK FOR. Last year they were selecting guest to letting them stay. Someone please guide me in the right direction.... Thanks in advance!

PARIS - - The Disneyland Gay Day, an event in which homosexuals gather at the companys family-oriented theme parks, crossed the Atlantic this weekend. Annual Gay Days have attracted thousands of gays and lesbians to Walt Disney World since their launch in 1991. On Saturday, a similar event took place at Disneyland Paris, with participants mobilized by Dutch magazine Gay Krant, which told them to wear white T-shirts so they could recognize one another.

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