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Many people ask - What should I do for my birthday? I have a dilemma?
We think that: Okay, so my birthday's coming up in November, and at first I was just going to have a little get together with my friends (I'm turning 15, by the way) the plans weren't totally set in stone. So recently, my mother suggested we go to Disneyland for my birthday. I was so freaking happy, I love Disney soo much you can't even imagine haha x)) But my sister was upset that we weren't going to have a 'party' at home. I wondered why but then she told me that her and my dad both spent about 23 dollars (in all) on my gift, and my sister didn't want to spend my birthday at Disneyland because the family would have to spend a lot of money and she was looking forward to celebrating my birthday at home. Plus my sister (she's only a little kid, by the way) said she wasn't going to give me my gift if we went to Disneyland.Idk, before I thought she was just being a brat, but when I found out that she and my dad actually spent money on my gift I felt bad. And Disneyland DOES cost a lot.....I mean, idk what to do . My friends told me to follow my heart, and one of them urged me to go to Disneyland (because, well, it's Disneyland....)So yeah....what would you do in a situation like this ? Btw there are 6 of us in the family who will be going and if we do go it'll only be for 1 day, we don't have to pay for a hotel since our cousins live in LA.

Disneyland Paris offers several hotels and other lodging options on or within close reach of the resort. Need a little inspiration before booking your trip? Check out our colorful Disneyland Paris picture gallery. Families of various incomes, poor and rich, can appreciate an excellent vacation to Disneyland located in Paris, and get a tour on the city, all at a very inexpensive cost. Coach Holidays are a family owned business that had been providing families with a great vacation for over 10 years. Coach Holidays Disneyland Paris! The best site.

After an early departure from Zurich, it was a long drive to Disneyland Paris but we arrived late afternoon and checked into the hotel. Next we got the shuttle bus to Disney Village, and explored the various shops.

Questions for new users - How long is the wait for toy story midway mania.?
Here is the answer: for those who have visited the attraction in walt disney world, how long is the wait? I you haven`t gone how long do you think it will be?

Disney has been legendary in creating amazing and memorable characters for decades and their villains are no exception. Join us as we talk about our favorite Disney villains and their sidekicks, or henchmen. Well talk about what we think makes them so memorable and even some interesting facts about a few of them. In the news this week: Santa vacations at the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Resort and Disney reaches into the vault to bring back The Black Hole. Well also read some more listener email this week including some concerning music thats been played on the show, a review of Disneys Mobile Magic app, and a fabulous trip report from Disneyland. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!

People often ask : Primary Question:- How do Daleks (as seen in Dr Who) Re-produce?
Here is the answer- I'm asking this question because I've just seen a cartoon drawing of an embarressed Dalek reversing away from a crushed Dustbin --Garbage Can to USA people--saying as "it" did so "Anyone can make a mistake"Secondary Question:- Are Daleks male and/or female?Tertiary and If so how do you know the difference ?Ps I'm putting this question into TV Drama because that is how the BBC classifies Dr Who.although some people might think it belongs in the Sci-Fi-Comedy classification

People often ask : Whats your favorite disney movie charector?
Here is the answer- Mine is Princess Aroara. I cant help it shes just so pretty.

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