City of characters from the wonderful animated Walt. : Trains to euro disney, Transportation from airport to disney world.

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Frequently asked questions : Whats your favorite Disney movies.?
We think that- just need to know for a school project. Tell me ten if you can. Starting 1 as the greatest.

Disneys Pocahontas: Reproduction of Gender, Orientalism, and the Strategic Construction of Racial Harmony in the Disney Empire. Asian Journal of Womens Studies. Dec 31, 2000. Vol. 6, Iss. 4; p. 39

Frequently asked questions - How's my story so far? (short)?
Here is the answer- I'm only in 5th grade, so it wont be amazing:Five more days,” Summer May exclaimed excitedly as she checked off December 20th on her calendar. She carefully put the cap on the green marker she’d used to mark off the 5th day away from Christmas. Out her window, sprinkling from the sunrise sky was frost ice crystals making their way down to the dew covered grass. The sky was still pink and orange, and the snow looked like fairy dust, dazzling, glittering and sparkling all the way down. She heard clattering of pots and pans echoing upstairs to her room. “Oops!” Summer May giggled, “Mom’s cooking again!” She figured she’d better go down to see what she was burning this time. “Ooh, these pancakes actually look good!” Summer examined. It was true, there were 2 pancakes stacked on top of each other, drizzled with syrup and dotted with chocolate chips. She could see the steam rising from them, and smelt the sprinkles of cinnamon. “I’ve been taking cooking classes,” Ms. Holly proudly told. “Cool, you must have a good teacher!” Summer replied holding out the word ‘good’. She gobbled down the pancakes then gulped down some milk. Like every morning, Ms. Holly sat at the kitchen table sipping coffee and reading the newspaper. Usually, Summer May would go out playing with her friends. But around Christmas, she liked to drink hot chocolate with marshmallows and munch on candy canes while watching Christmas cartoons. Which is what she did, no one liked to break traditions.

Popular questions - What is your favorite song from a Disney movie?
The answer- Mine is I'll make a man out of you from Mulan.

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